Panoramic Microlight Plane Flight - Gap-Tallard (05) Southern Alps

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The ULM slow ride flight, lasting longuer than a first flight, will enable you to let go and to trustingly enjoy the sights and landscapes you will fly over. Here, the landscapes are extraordinnary and many worldwide professional pilots seek them, so relax and enjoy.

Beyond a simple first discovery flight, the duration of the flight will enable you to see high reliefs and South Alps mountain lakes. Given the kind of landsapes you will discover, we advise you to bring a camera with you. You will be seduced by the pleasure of the flight and the smoothness of the piloting, especially with our pilots and their thorough knowledge of the mountain range !

Tips for a greater experience

Concerning your attire, we advise you to wear a sweater or pullover (do not wear loose clothing), without forgetting sunglasses, a cap or hat. On the day of the fligh, do remember to check that your pockets are empty (no keys, diverse objects, or phone), for safety and comfort reasons.
Warn us if any person exceeds the weight and height of 90 kgs or 1.90 metres. If you are a photography or images fan, you can bring your most compact camera with you, which we will ask for to be secured in order to avoid jeopardizing  the commands.

Location of the flight

South Alps departing from the Gap-Tallard airfield (05)

Depending on the weather or at your convenience, we will alternate between mountain landscapes and a panoramic sight of high reliefs, the Ecrins range (see photo), the Dévoluy, Ubye, and a magical overview of the Serre Ponçon Lake 

Seasonal practice

From 01/01 to 31/12

A few things about the flight

Duration of the flight; around 45 minutes

Estimated route: 100 km
Departure altitude : 600 m
Average altitude reached during the flight: 2 500 m

Number of passengers: 1 passenger + 1 pilot per aircraft

Public: from 6 years old, parental consent for minors

Maximum authorised wieght: 95 kgs

Difficulty level: easy 

Top-range ULM in composite materials   

Price info

145 € per person
The price includes the integrity of the performance

Our philosophy

We love making you discover all the attracting aspects of our passion for flying, even as we fly over majestic places. We always keep in mind your comfort and satisfaction without ever forgetting your safety.

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