Hot-Air Balloon Flight - Moustiers Sainte Marie (04)

If there's one French village you'll want to fly over by hot-air balloon, it's picture perfect Moustiers Sainte Marie. Famous Provence doesn't get more real than this! The plateau of Valensole, Gorges du Verdon and the dream fields of lavender, sunflowers and wheat!

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250,00 €

Flying in a hot-air balloon is the dream of many. But to fly in the heart of our magnificent mountain landscape is even more incredible! You'll be surprised by the softness and serenity that a hot-air balloon flight offers. Depending on your wishes and the weather conditions, the flight will be performed at different heights. Appreciate the piloting precision of a balloon, even if we can't control its direction! We don't know where we're going to land, but it's part of the adventure! Our passionate pilots have a perfect knowledge of the region and will enable you to discover incredible things.  To enable you to have the best possible experience, we only use baskets suitable for between 4 and 8 passengers.

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Important information

- A hot-air balloon flight is suitable for everyone from 6 years old to a hundred (must be able to stand upright). However, it is prohibited for pregnant women.
- For children, we recommend a minimum height of 1m30 so they can comfortably see out of the basket. If your child is smaller, let us know so that we can bring a booster.
- Please notify us when you book if a passenger exceeds 85 kgs, is smaller than 1m30, or has any other medical issues impairing their physical ability.
- As long as you're dressed suitably for the season, it's not necessary to wear extra layers for your flight. We recommend you wear sports shoes, and a comfortable outfit made from cotton (if possible), due to the proximity of the burner.
- Yes of course you can take your camera, but hold on tight as it's your responsibility.

Location of the flight: 

Moustiers Sainte Marie (04) region or the plateau de Valensole (04), close to the Sainte Croix lake and the Gorges du Verdon. Depending on the wind, we'll take-off at the foot of the cliffs of Moustiers village, or on the plateau of Valensole. Get ready for a very colourful flight, depending on the season!

When you can fly

From 1 January to 31 December!

Information at a glance

Duration of flight: 1 hour minimum
Total duration of the experience: plan about 4 hours; please note that all flights are scheduled early in the morning when the aerology is suitable.
Number of passengers per balloon: 4, 6 or 8
Average altitude reached during the flight: between 150 and 1000m
Suitable for: Anyone from 6 years old (no age limit), except pregnant women and people weighing more than 110kg. 
Difficulty level: easy


€250 per person

This price includes the flight, as well as the transport from the meeting point.

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