The Gap-Tallard airfield

Our air leisure centre is located on the Gap-Tallard airfield, a major flying centre established in the 1920s. Previously used mainly for gliding and military parachuting, the Gap-Tallard airfield has now become a Mecca for aerial leisure activities. Its unique geographical location has given rise to an exceptional synergy. With more than 300 days of sunshine per year, the aerology is almost miraculous, as it is exceptionally well protected from strong weather winds and often spared from disturbances.

A little flying paradise to discover, or rediscover without question!

Discover Gap-Tallard in pictures

In the mornings, we take advantage of the calm conditions

Nearby early risers will have the chance to see a balloon rise at dawn and move discreetly with the wind. As soon as the sun rises, it appears in the sky of Gap-Tallard!

Soon after, the microlight planes take over to escape and play above the mountain ridges in the calm air of the early morning.

Later, the helicopters join them. Thanks to their unrivalled manoeuvrability, they can get into every corner of this beautiful landscape.

It is also the time for the gyrocopters to take off for panoramic flights or for pilot training in calm air.

As for the skydiving students, they take advantage of the calm morning wind to learn how to fly and land in calm conditions. Moreover, their schedules are defined in such a way as to limit the noise pollution of the dropping aircraft. That’s why you won’t see any before 8am or between noon and 2pm!

... And in the afternoon, it's time for the sensations!

In the afternoon, gliders line up at the end of the runway to wait their turn. They get towed when the lift is favourable. For the impatient, motor gliders can skip the queue, take-off without assistance and head straight to the thermals to play!

And finally, our favorite: the flights at the end of the day at sunset. Each of the above mentioned aircraft can go and enjoy the sunset over Serre-Ponçon lake. A dream moment that’s worth all the trips in the world, one that no pilot ever gets tired of!

Highlight of our aviation calendar at Gap Tallard

The Gap-Tallard Airshow

Every two years, the airshow is organised by the airfield associaion (AGATHA), in collaboration with the Department owner of the facilities. This is the time when the general public come and enjoy a high-flying show.

Known all over the world, the Gap-Tallard airfield doesn’t struggle to attract the best pros and champions for a breathtaking show. All civilian and military pilots testify to the pleasure they have in coming to our playground!

With mythical planes to observe on the ground and in the air, it’s time to rediscover your childlike spirit and let your mind wander as you watch an incredible procession of flying machines.

Our team holds a stand on the static exhibition, to show the wealth of activities we offer. While your little ones are dreaming with a toy airplane in their hands, you can find out all about the activities, book a flight, or offer an aerial escape as a gift!

Each meeting is the moment for us to confirm how much the dream of flying is an integral part of many of us… and this is not going to change!

See you at the next airshow, watch this space!

Eyes to the sky and a head full of dreams

Patrouille de France, Air Force aerobatic team, REVA Patrol – the French version of the British Red Arrows! These great classics of French aviation excellence are always present. But the Gap-Tallard airshow has other unique surprises in store with more unusual demonstrations. Helicopter water bombers, the flying man Franky Zapata … The meeting is an opportunity for everyone, novices and aviation professionals, to meet around the dream of Icarus which will never cease to amaze us.