Services and partners

The Gap-Tallard airfield has constantly evolved since its creation. Today, you’ll find a large number of activity providers, accommodation, restaurants, and aviation specialists who’ll make your stay a complete experience. The list of services in Gap-Tallard is constantly growing!

Our agency, located at the Gap-Tallard airfield since 2000, is surrounded by partners with whom we’ve forged a strong bond. It’s thanks to them that the services we offer are enhanced with little extras – the icing on the cake!

Gap-Tallard airfield

You’ll find a multitude of services within a 10-minute walk of our home.

Feeling hungry?

  • The Looping
    The Looping: is located above our agency… Expect speedy service and to eat very well. What’s more, they have a varied menu that changes with the seasons. So, you never get tired of it, even when you eat there every day! Thanks Hervé and Phil !
  • The Mas d’Estello
    At the end of the runway, to the south of the airfield, this restaurant is the ‘Check point apéro’ that you can see from the sky!
  • The DZ At the end of the runway to the north of our airfield, discover a welcoming restaurant with a modern style. A varied menu – we like to go there to treat ourselves!
  • The Salad Basket
    Sabine prepares colourful and delicious dishes every day (it’s often our team lunch stop). Fresh products, original flavours, and local specialities to satisfy lovers of healthy fast food.
  • Ortega Bakery
    Ortega Bakery: bread of unparalleled quality. Many pilots stop by plane in Gap-Tallard… just to buy their baguette! Attention, it’s closed on Monday!
  • The Charolais des Alpes
    Our favorite butcher shop for all our BBQs, aperitifs, and group receptions… Cyril treats us with his quality products and for people like us who make plans at the last minute, there’s even an emergency dispenser!

Need a place to rest your head?

  • The Mas d’Estello
    The hotel is located to the south of the airfield, towards the motorway. Quality rooms and a warm welcome in a festive atmosphere. Sip a cocktail by the pool, or in a jacuzzi… The perfect finale to a great day of flying!
  • Hotel le Cap – The Originals
    This is the hotel of our platform, accessible by plane from the runway! Its speciality is to offer comfortable rooms for you… and hangar space for your plane! Swimming pool, garden, lounge bar… all on the airfield itself!
  • The Domaine de Malcor
    An oasis of tranquillity in the heart of the valley, a stone’s throw from the Gap-Tallard airfield.

When you visit Gap-Tallard we want you to have a great stay, so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

A sprinkling of luxury and relaxation?

  • From the vine to beauty
    A concept that had to be invented in our atypical commune! In the middle of the vineyards, beautician Caroline offers treatments and moments of relaxation in her spa, which specialises in products made from natural ingredients. And for wine enthusiasts, a tasting of the wines produced by the family cellar can be arranged!
  • Institut la cascade
    Institut la Cascade: in La Saulce, 5 minutes’ drive from the airfield, Sandrine offers beauty treatments and massages, every day except Sunday. Perfect for a relaxing break.

Gap-Tallard Team

Discover a whole host of aviation pros right here on the airfield!

Paragliding and skydiving equipment

  • Eric MICHEL – Paragliding control
    Eric MICHEL: right next door to us, Eric repairs and checks paragliders with a master’s hand. Despite his discretion he’s a celebrity in the free flight world! Contact him before coming to drop off your wing, to be sure to be taken care of!
  • Veloce parachuting
    Purchase, revision and repair of skydiving and kitesurfing equipment, offered by our great neighbours Céline and Damien. Skydiving school and tandem services, school, coaching.
  • Xtrem Aerial Wear
    is an innovative company that offers high quality skydiving jumpsuits. Made in France  – materials and a team of enthusiasts are waiting for you on site!

Aviation Services

  • Espace altitude: the pilot’s shop, where you’ll find everything you need to prepare your flight. Radio communication equipment, GPS, headsets, instruments, maps, specialised bookshop… Eric knows his job inside out and also repairs equipment.
  • Nico aéro peinture: professional and efficient, our friend Nico offers a painting service specialised for aeronautics. He even used the end of a paint can to give our mascot – the Gap-Tallard mini helicopter a makeover! Thanks Nico!
  • Clean-Air Craft washing station: unique in France, the Clean Air-Craft washing station welcomes tourist planes, helicopters, gliders, and microlights. Specially designed for aeronautics, it respects both your aircraft and the environment (low pressure hot water Karcher, quality brush and sponge, biodegradable soap).
  • Icarius
    : European leading aeronautical maintenance workshop. Based in Tallard, Icarius provides pilots with technical support and airworthiness management services to guarantee optimised aircraft operation.
  • HDF
    : Hélicoptères de France has been involved in the aeronautical world since 1981! Owner of 28 helicopters, it offers several types of aerial services such as public transport, aerial work and scenic flights.