Skydiving Initiation Training - Gap-Tallard (05) Southern Alps

Keeping the same intense emotions, but with your own parachute…

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This skydiving initiation day is made for those who wish to be part of a special moment, to handle their own emotions. After half a day of preparations on the ground, you will jump for the first time with your own parachute in a very secure environment.

Of course, this kind of skydiving requires a real theoretical and practical training on the ground with a half-a-day workshop during which you will develop the theoretical foundations of free falling and the aspects of piloting a square canopy.

Then, when the weather conditions allow it, you will put your knowledge to use 4000 meters higher ! Rest assured, your 2 instructors will always stay by your side to correct your mistakes and to follow your jump until your parachute deployment. You will then be taken in charge by a third instructor, on the ground, through radio guidance. 

A cameraman will follow all these steps and you will be given a DVD montage of your accomplishment at the end of the day to capture this exceptional moment !

Tips for a greater experience

We advise you to wear trainers and clothes like jeans and sweaters. We will provide all necessary equipment, parachute, harness, altimeter, safety glasses and a jumpsuit, depending on the season. 

Please inform us if your weight exceeds 80 kgs. 

Skydiving requires a medical certificate, delivered by any general doctor, and valid for 6 months (we advise you to download and print the PAC file here attached before seeing the doctor). 

For security reasons, this kind of jump can only be performed in calm weather conditions which we usually meet at the end of the day or early in the morning. We might have to postpone the flight to the next morning, if these conditions cannot be met. 

Place of Flight

Gap (Hautes-Alpes) 

This spot is a worldwide reference in the skydiving world, counting more than 60,000 jump per year. Moreover, skydiving above the mountains is really exceptional !!

Seasonal Activity

From 01/03 to 02/11

A few things about the flight

Jump altitude : 4000 m 

Free Falling duration : around 45 to 50 seconds !

Plane ride : around 20 minutes 

Under parachute duration : 5 to 10 minutes

Total duration of the performance : 2 x ½ day. Plan for morning workshops and the flight on the next morning. 

Public : from 15 years old, parental authorization for minors

Warning : Medical certificate required 

Difficulty level : thrill enthusiast 

Price information

410 €/ person 

This price includes the integrity of the performance, the supply of equipment, this insurance as well as the DVD montage of your flight. 

Our philosophy

A great deal of rigor in the approach of the flight, but first and foremost, attention in the pedagogical approach and confidence-building. 

Certificat médical parachutisme

Formulaire certificat médical parachutisme

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