Wingsuit Tandem

Awaken the bird in you...

“They didn’t know it was impossible so they did it.”

Making your body into an airplane: the ultimate sensation for all those who have always dreamed of flying.
Imagined and set up by Vincent Descols and Ambroise Serrano, this activity is unique in the world.

Going up to 250km/h with the help of a simple separation of arms and that on nearly 3 kilometers, the tandem wingsuit is THE new sensation of the market.

It offers the general public access to sensations that were previously reserved for skydiving experts. This activity is done from a helicopter, a plane or a hot air balloon.

And it is in Gap-Tallard that you will find this unique activity in the world! A VIP welcome awaits the lucky participants.

Getting on the plane is an opportunity to take in the sights, but above all to feel the adrenaline and excitement of the moment that is coming, and that you will experience perhaps only once in your life. Then it’s time to get started. One minute and twenty minutes of gliding, with the only aircraft being the instructor’s body who, by spreading his arms in his suit, recreates an aerodynamic profile comparable to the wings of an airplane. Head forward, hovering on your belly without a cockpit or canopy… flying a wingsuit is the ultimate completion of all human attempts to fly like a bird. Then follow 10 minutes of flight under sail.

Vincent Descols, known as “Le Blond”: let me guide you to explore human flight

Multiple world champion of wingsuit, Vincent is an atypical character. Airplane pilot, skydiving instructor and air traffic controller by trade, this high-level athlete has always had a passion for skydiving and high mountain sports. This passion was quickly expressed by a vital need to fly a wingsuit … free, agile and fast, evolving in the sky with only his own body.

It is the combination of this overflowing passion and a fascination for the human being that motivated Vincent to do what many thought impossible: open the doors of the Wingsuit world to the general public and allow everyone to glide in a wingsuit. It is with a lot of humility and simplicity that he talks about his sport: “Obviously, the passion for Wingsuiting, and particularly base jumping led me to take risks, it is a personal choice.

When extreme rhymes with safety

Not many people fly in wingsuits! I managed to develop the necessary equipment to take a passenger with me, attached underneath my wings, to enjoy the experience. And jumping off a cliff can be dangerous? Yes, the closer you get to the terrain, the stronger the sensations but the greater the probability of impact. That’s why I propose tandem jumps in complete safety from a plane, a helicopter or a balloon, keeping maximum safety margins. Pleasure and safety are finally combined! ”


In 2022 Vincent pursued his dream. He has developed a project where his wingsuit is completed by 4 electric turbines, so that his wingsuit can accelerate, and do acrobatic figures. Speed, power and maneuverability, this tool has three times the power of all previous inventions.

To know more

  • Minimum age : 12 years old
  • Authorized weight: between 40 and 85kg.
  • Proper physical condition (medical questionnaire to be filled out)
  • Parental authorization from both parents for minors.
  • Medical certificate for people over 60 years old