Flying in winter: pure pleasure

fly in winter helicopter

Winter air: calm and clear

The Gap-Tallard airfield is nestled between Provence and the Alps, in one of the sunniest regions of France. This situation rhymes with turbulent and complex aerology, fuelled by thermal updrafts and air mass movements in summer. This is what allows gliders and paragliders to enjoy exceptional conditions to glide without motors.

Less well known, the winter flying conditions in our region are ideal for some activities. First of all, because the thermal activity is much lower. It moves less in flight! In addition, aircraft fly better in winter: the lift is greater because the air is denser.

Flying comfortably during the day

And precisely for those activities that require calm air, the slots are larger and more comfortable. Mountain flight, hot air balloon, and first flights with sensitive passengers: winter is the most pleasant time to fly.

Moreover, the day rises later in winter: no need to set the alarm clock at 5 a.m. to go ballooning! And the spectacular sunrise and sunset flights are at more comfortable times during the day. It’s ideal!

Landscapes that are rarely seen from the sky

In winter, the Hautes-Alpes have some surprises in store for you. Flying over snowy summits, contemplating the immensity of nature in winter…

And to top it all off, visibility is very good in winter! Flying in winter means enjoying a translucent sky: the sky does not have the milky appearance that prevents us from seeing far in summer. And the winter light on the mountains is exceptional! Choosing to fly in winter means you have the chance to see Mont Blanc

Flying in winter: a comfortable experience!

All our equipment is heated, modern, new, comfortable and regularly renewed. They are fully adapted to fly in winter in the best conditions.

Moreover, in winter, passionate pilots have less activity so they spend a lot of time with their passengers to share anecdotes, passion, know-how…