Fly Dream goes on an adventure!

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It's the end of the season!

November is a time for us to have a good time. We are leaving behind a beautiful summer season, well deserved after the austere months imposed by the health crisis. The much-anticipated resumption of the season was very much on the cards. And since then, we haven’t had a minute! All summer long we have been giving all our energy to welcome our customers as well as possible. And they gave it back to us! Now it’s up to us to enjoy ourselves!

Tour of the grounds:

It’s decided, it’s our turn to fly! This year, the pilots and members of the Fly Dream team are flying to meet our colleagues from neighbouring airfields. Because it’s not all about working together! Every once in a while, it’s good to get together for some fun!


We will take off from Tallard, to each of the airfields where we offer aerial activities. First of all Sisteron, to meet Jean who flies the Pietenpol, a vintage microlight plane. Then we will stop in Château-Arnoux to say hello to René and Philippe, who offer us the privilege of flying their Lambada type ultralight glider, but also in a Tetras for mountain flying.

A little further south, it’s in Puimoisson that Tom is waiting for us, to take us on a hot air balloon ride over the lavender fields, after having spent the night there. Just next door, Pascal will be able to come and join us from Vinon on board his hang glider.

With all this, we will not be far from Avignon, the Provencal airport where Jean-Christophe offers gyrocopter and multi-axis microlight flights. Then head north! We go back up to the Serre-Ponçon lake to have a coffee with Fred and Seb, our hot air balloon pilots, and Max, a helicopter pilot. On their airfield, in St Crépin, we also hope to see Hugues, who has honoured us by joining our team this year.

And, the best for last! It is enough to tip over into the neighbouring valley to go and greet Matthieu l’ubayen, who will inevitably be in flight in the vicinity of Barcelonnette. The hardest part will be finding a niche where he is on the ground to give him a hard time!

And then, back to the fold.

This journey from airfield to airfield is planned for November… we can’t wait!

To be continued, the story in pictures!