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Discovery of the world of aviation and initiation to piloting: for groups of children and teenagers

We dream as we watch them go by in the sky… why not climb aboard? Discover our different offers for groups of children and teenagers!

From a very young age we dream of flying, and we look up to the sky as soon as a plane, a helicopter, or any other flying machine passes by. It’s in adolescence that this dream can finally become reality! In Gap-Tallard, we offer young people a total immersion in the world of aviation.

The alpine sky is an infinite playground, offering an escape that’s both exotic and instructive from a very young age. Whether it’s with your family or as part of a holiday camp, our professional team is ready to work with you to find the ideal formula. Passionate about flying in all its forms, we have all the ingredients! It’s up to you to tell us what you’ve got in mind, then we’ll create the recipe for an unforgettable air experience.

In the shoes of a pilot!

Day package

During a holiday camp, or simply with friends, the aviation discovery formula offers an aerial interlude in a holiday in the mountains.

Welcome, visit of the airfield, flight initiation and playful teaching of flight mechanics… Followed by a snack offered in the company of the pilots. A day that goes by at lightning speed, after which the young pilots leave with stars in their eyes!

An original idea for a birthday party with friends!

Activity Sheet :

  • From €65 per participant
  • To be expected: parental permission
  • Minimum age: 8 years old
  • Flight duration: 15 to 30 minutes
  • Minimum number of participants: 5
  • Maximum number of teenagers per half-day: 20
A holiday in the air...

Weekly formula

The discovery of aeronautics can also be the theme of your teenagers’ holiday. Over the course of a week, we offer 6 activities: choose 4 different flights from among 8 activities, as well as a visit to the airfield, its hangars and tower, and an introduction to aeronautical mechanics. Every year, hundreds of young people are immersed in our exciting world. And some of them discover a real passion! What a pleasure to see them again a few years later, with their pilot’s license in their pocket!

Activity Sheet :

  • From €275 per participant for 6 activities
  • To be expected: parental permission
  • Minimum age: 12 years old
  • Flight durations: 15 to 30 minutes
  • Minimum number of participants: 5
  • Maximum number of teenagers per half-day: 20
A unique variety of aircraft!

Choose the flying machine you want to control

The Gap-Tallard fleet is particularly diverse – composed of aircraft you won’t see together in one place anywhere else! A vintage microlight aircraft (Pietenpol Air Camper), flying alongside the latest Ranabot microlight helicopter, a motor glider, and a gyrocopter… The uniqueness of our destination lies in the quality and variety of the aircraft it hosts!

All our aircraft are piloted by qualified and educational instructors happy to hand over the controls to their young passengers, while teaching them the rudiments of flying.

Flight training

Introductory aeronautical sessions and flight mechanics courses

For groups of children and teenagers taking a BIA course at the same time, or those who are simply interested in aeronautics, our instructors offer a unique formula. Introductory sessions on flight mechanics for children and teenagers, to understand how the aircraft they’re about to board actually flies. And from a more general point of view, our pilots present the world of aeronautics and the professional opportunities it offers.

And why not a vocation?

On the Gap-Tallard airfield, between 250 and 300 professionals practice various trades. This is an opportunity for us to introduce each of these professions to the children and teenage groups. From the mechanics specialised in aeronautics, to the pilot instructors, the control tower guy… Gap-Tallard offers the perfect overview of aviation in all its glory. To visit this airfield is to immerse yourself in a world as varied as it is exciting!

Our team of pilots, rich in experience, know how to break down the barriers that separate the general public from the sometimes elitist world of aviation. Questions about their backgrounds, their careers, and the opportunities they’ve seized are a source of inspiration for young teenagers and budding pilots.