Group events and team building: take to the skies together!

The Gap-Tallard airfield is the only place in Europe where a large number of aircraft can be found in one place. Giving rise to unique experiences of flying with others! For group flights, team building, and company events, the sky offers us an infinite number of possibilities that are as unusual as they are exotic.

It’s the perfect place for you and your team to discover air leisure at its best! So, if you’re looking for unique activities – an authentic experience for your people, you’re in the right place!

In Tallard, you’ll find more than a dozen different activities! Team building in the air is an amazing opportunity for your people to discover all the different facets of aviation, and to share a real bonding experience. This immersion is even more intense when experienced by several people, each in the aircraft of their choice! Dive into our world by discovering our 4 group packages.

1: A day at the airfield with a flight of your choice

A few hours immersion in the world of aviation

In the shoes of a pilot

Get into the team spirit with our passionate and dynamic pilot instructors who love sharing their passion for aviation!

You’ll be welcomed on the edge of the runway, at the meeting point of your choice (our pilots and hostesses will travel by air to the location of your team building day).

After a presentation of each aircraft and its history, each participant chooses the aircraft they want to fly in. The flights themselves are interactive too! Your people can choose to sit back and enjoy the scenery, chat with the pilot, and even try their hand at taking the controls!  It’s no secret that our region and collection of mythical aircraft offer a range of experiences worthy of a life-size playground. Qualified instructors, your pilots will take advantage of this experience to give a first flying lesson… and pass on their passion for flying! The team building experience always ends with a friendly drink at the edge of the runway, to debrief and share a new found passion… laughter and colourful stories are guaranteed!

Your experience in detail:

  • Maximum number of participants: 50 / half day
  • From €69 per person
  • Meeting point: your choice (Gap-Tallard, Avignon, St Crépin, Barcelonnette, Sisteron…)
  • What to bring: casual wear, sneakers
  • Maximum weight: 100kg

A diverse fleet, unique in France

For your aerial team building extravaganza, we offer a large fleet of aircraft. microlight planes of all shapes and sizes, gyrocopters, helicopters, motor gliders, vintage planes

Imagine… several mythical flying machines lined up in front of you, original and colourful, to offer you a choice worthy of your childhood dreams! For one day, participants forget their daily lives and escape into the world of aviation.

Choosing an aerial escape with us means opting for one of the only places where aviation opens its arms and simultaneously offers such a variety of aerial leisure activities. Even the most serious people rediscover their childlike soul during this enchanting experience!

2: Tandem jump - free fall

A 100% adrenaline skydiving session

You’ll never forget jumping out of a plane at 4000m!

Gap-Tallard airfield, is a top skydiving destination in Europe. With infrastructures developed over more than a century we’re able to easily receive and take excellent care of groups. And with several drop planes and numerous instructors, we can accommodate up to 50 people in a half day. Enjoy total immersion in the world of skydiving and discover an experience full of heightened sensations! The icing on the cake of this team building skydiving day is the breathtaking panorama of the Hautes-Alpes.

Your experience in detail:

  • Maximum number of participants: 50 / half day
  • From €209 per person
  • Meeting point: Gap-Tallard
  • What to bring: Medical certificate, sportswear
  • Maximum weight: 95 kg
3: Floating on the currents

Hot air ballooning: enjoy calm and serenity

A moment out of time in a hot air balloon

It all starts early in the morning at sunrise. Our pilots and their crew members take you to the take-off point. With our 6 hot-air balloons, we can take on board more than 40 people simultaneously. The participants in this incredible team building session will be divided into small groups (according to balloon size) for optimal comfort and visibility. As they watch each other from one balloon to the next, they’ll discover the truly amazing sensation of being in an air bubble, floating in the currents.

Flying in a hot-air balloon is the possibility to fly through the countryside and the mountains, in a calm, gentle and serene environment. The view is truly unique, thanks to the balloon’s ability to move very slowly near the ground.

To complete your magical experience, you’ll have a choice: brunch served on board, or tasting of local products on arrival. It’s up to you!

Your experience in detail:

  • Maximum number of participants: 42/day
  • From €229 per person
  • Meeting point: your choice (Gap-Tallard, Serre-Ponçon, Roussillon, Puimoisson)
  • What to bring: Casual dress, closed shoes
  • Maximum weight: 120kg
4: Scenic helicopter flight

Live an intense moment together like no other!

The power of a helicopter will surprise you!

Classic, but still majestic… This aircraft, whose flight mechanics defy our instincts, continues to amaze! Power, maneuverability, and great possibilities of evolution: hovering, forward, reverse… Aboard a helicopter, the range of sensations your people will experience during their team building is vast. Thrills for the most intrepid, and admiration of the landscapes for the amateurs of tranquillity…

This machine is ideal for short pleasure flights and longer scenic flights, or to take you to the place of your choice. With an air transport certificate, our team of professionals will review project to determine its feasibility and price, then we’ll create a tailored quote.

Your experience in detail:

  • Maximum number of participants: 100 / half day
  • From €69 per person
  • Meeting point: choice of location (Gap-Tallard, Avignon, St Crépin, Barcelonnette)
  • What to bring: casual clothing
  • Maximum weight: 120 kg

A friendly welcome and quality services

A simple and authentic welcome

  • Chat with our team and find out more about our passion for aviation!
  • Local products served during the activity
  • A quality on-site catering service
  • Fully equipped workrooms for productive sessions
  • An offer of accommodation on site (hotel ***)

And what we like most is to listen to your wishes and needs, and to adapt to them… Don’t hesitate to tell us about your wildest dreams! We have the means to achieve them, thanks to the infinite possibilities that the sky offers us!

What if the weather isn't with us?

Don’t panic, we always have a solution:

If you really want the activity as we’ve imagined it together, we’ll postpone your team building day to a later date.

If on the other hand you’ve scheduled a date that’s difficult to reschedule and you want to push ahead, we’ll offer you a list of alternative aviation related activities.

Tried and tested!

“Hello Sonya, hello Elisa,

Thank you again for your great participation in making this event so successful and thank you for the photos I just received. I’ve had so much good feedback on this 2021 edition that I’m going to renew the entire program for 2022. In addition, I had registration requests that I could not fulfill for this 10th of 2021. So it will be with new participants who will discover the whole of this magnificent program. Please give me a proposal for 2022!”

James B.