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Our offers

We provide our offers according to a simple operation principle, adaptable to your desire and depending on the activity you want to perform. This principle is generally applied for most of our activities.

First flight or Discovery flight :

 This package is perfect for a first experience of the activity. Always accompagnied by an instructor you only have to enjoy the first sensations of the flight.

First flight or slow ride flight :

Identical package in its spirit of "discovery" but only longer flying time, and therefore, farther journeys. You only have to let yourself enjoy the view, accompagnied by your instructor.

The initiation flight :

This option enables you to go from looking to acting. Go beyong a simple discovery. You will be introduced to the basics of piloting during a double-control flight, with your instructor and talk about the fundamental principles of your aircraft. A first step to becoming... a pilot. 

The training program :

For learning or improvement aim, the training program makes possible to involve one self more intensely in the flight practice. Often plan on 5 days, it will make you entirely enter in the world of the aviation passionates.

Pass package :

A flexible ticket that allows the beneficiary to choose the activity he wants. For a precise amount, we set the activities in question and the practice time associated. This package is perfect when you doubt on the activity you wish to offer. 

Packaged products :

In most of our performances, you will discover at the bottom of the "product page", offers for associated services, like accomodations or food services, to complement your trip. These products are chosen with the same philosophy then the one applied to your flight, based on originality, quality and a total change of scenery.

Perfect gift: :

"Top-range" option, this performance combines the pleasure of a flight and of the good things in life in a majestic scenery, Jany GLEIZE's La Bonne Etape or Alain DUCASSE's La Bastide de Moustiers. This option is not offered for every activity, but you only have to ask for us to adapt it to your flight option.

Our flying sites

Each sports activity always has its mythical location, a dream for passionate pilots.

If the highlander thinks of Himalayan large spaces, the surfer of Hawaï's waves, the "flying-man" thinks of the exceptionnal aerology of the South Alps with its home port Gap-Tallard !!! It not a coincidence if every international competition regularily happen in this region, whether it is paragliding, hand-gliding, gliding or skydiving. Besides, a great number of champions stelled here, just like us. 

Thus, you have a wide range of landscapes that we have selected for you in this magical region :

- At the center, of course, Gap-Tallard and its worldwide renowned "base of operations"
- In the north, the alpine moutain ranges like the Massifs des Ecrins 
- In the east, the alpine arc and its moutain lake with its surprising reflections, Serre Ponçon
- In the west, the Drôme Provençale and its wild landscapes
- In the south, Haute-Provence's scents and colours with its Groges du Verdon.

Depending on the activity, the aerology and the package you have chosen, you will have the possibility to fly over one of these amazing landscapes. Sometimes, it takes a wingbeat to get there, sometimes we even developed new flying "hubs"

How to book an activity ?

All of our aerial activities are presented in a sheet form. In each of them, you should find answers for most of your questions. If you're interest by one of our performances, you have 2 options to book it. 

By phone

You simply have to call us to book an appointment. We will then specify all the conditions for the activity you want. 

Online with a gift voucher, valid for a year 

This is the most flexible option. The voucher will be in the name of the person it is destined to, the  activity chosen and the time limit of its validity. The beneficiary of the voucher only has to call us to set up an appointment. If you choose the gift voucher you will be able to :

- Print it yourself. As soon as we receive the payment via our secured payment system, you'll receive by email the gift voucher in PDF. You will only have to print it and offer it.
- Receive it by post as a card shown in the "pilot's kit", plan 48h on working days. Whichever option you choose, you will receive a confirmation email for your purchase.
Whichever option you choose, you will receive a confirmation email for your purchase.

If you choose the gift voucher, do not forget to confirm :

- The number of performances chosen, one or more people (quantity)
- Your receipt option of the voucher
- And the option of the cancellation insurance
- One of the "extended" services, like accomodations or catering

You will systematically receive a confirmation email of your order, as soon as your payment is validated.

Then, let yourself be guided to give us the necessary informations to send and develop the voucher. 

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