Fly in a Glider

The glider aircraft, or gliding, is here in its worldwidly renowned region of choice.

 Whether you choose a first flight, a discovery flight, a slow ride flight, a long ride flight above the South Alps, or even a gliding initiation day, you will get to discover gliding aboard its latest edition.

The entire charm of a glider aircraft is to be able to fly, without making a sound, with nothing but the curent strengh as fuel. You have 2 options, for you to fully enjoy this exceptional feeling:

The gliger aircraft, in its most authentic shape !

The "pure" glider, an aircraft without engine, taking off being towed by a plane. After being released from the plane, it is only a game with the wind, and drops, to rise and move, where the current will bring you. Departing from Aspres-sur-Buëch, you will fly over the magnificient landscapes surrounding the location. 

With the motor-glider, there's no need for a towing plane !

This high technology two-seater aircraft will enable you to take advantage of the natural forces of the current strength. A breathtaking experience ! Departing from Tallard or Aspres-sur-Buëch, you will be able to contemplate the landscapes of the Dévoluy mountain, close to the Pic de Bure, or the majestic extent of the Serre Ponçon lake and the Durance valley.

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