The Gap-Tallard area is world renowned. The diversity of aerial leisure activities that are practiced there is unique! Initially, there were activities that were the precursors to ultralight flying. Among other things, there was the hang glider, known for its large triangular sail. For almost a century, passion and technological advances have given rise to a multitude of activities! This multitude of possibilities now gives everyone access to the passion of flying, with ease.

Microlight flight in Gap-Tallard

Gap-Tallard mountain pole and its meeting places

You will find from Gap-Tallard :

Ultra light aircraft

This handy and comfortable device will allow you to discover the magnificent landscapes that surround us. Discover the new aviation on board a modern aircraft, and fly over the land surrounding us with precision.

Vintage plane

Go back in time and discover this magnificent replica of a 1929 plane! Built by its pilot himself, it will be a pleasure to reveal its manufacturing secrets. A vintage moment on board a unique aircraft.

Power assisted glider

Discover the pleasure of gliding through the air, without a motor. A moment of calm and contemplation, without engine, during which you will have the chance to discover exceptional landscapes. An unforgettable experience!


The gyrocopter is a very modern device, which will delight the most concerned! Thanks to its rotor placed above, which cuts the turbulences, you will enjoy a smooth flight. Its glass roof will allow you an incomparable visibility to admire the landscapes which surround us!

Helicopter ULM

Learn to fly a helicopter and share a unique moment with a passionate pilot instructor! A handy, light, slaloming device that will allow you to admire a magnificent panorama. This experience will delight driving enthusiasts!

Pendular ULM

Discover the motorcycle of the air! The same sensations, a few meters above the ground. An unprecedented discovery, accompanied by a professional pilot. Discover open-air flying, with your head in the clouds! Under its triangular sail, you will have no barrier to admire the landscapes of the Hautes Alpes.

A multitude of possibilities

Ultra-light aircraft are now composed of 6 classes:

  • The paramotor, or motorized paraglider
  • The pendulum, or motorized hang glider
  • The multiaxis, an ultra-light aircraft
  • The gyrocopter, ancestor of the helicopter
  • The ultra light aerostat
  • The ultra light helicopter

ULMs are now modern and manageable aircraft, real jewels of technology. A reality far from the image that novices have of it! Each device has its advantages, it’s up to you to choose which one suits you best!

The gyroplane will allow you to fly smoothly. This aircraft cuts through the turbulence with its helicopter-like rotor. For those who like sensations, choose the multiaxis, a modern and easy-to-handle plane that will allow you to fly over the hills!

Microlight flights are accessible to all, from 10 years old. The regulations only impose a maximum weight of 95 kg per passenger. On the Gap-Tallard site, we have a unique fleet of aircraft!

You can therefore choose to fly with others, with family or friends! Each of you can take a picture of yourself in your own camera and share your feelings via a personalized radio frequency. A moment of intense sharing with others, but also with a passionate and professional pilot.

Why fly ultralight with Gap-Tallard Fly Dream?

At Gap-Tallard Fly Dream, we work with about 50 local providers. We have a large fleet of microlights of all kinds! This multitude of aircraft allows us to offer you group flights, with family or friends. We work with a team of passionate and professional instructor pilots, who have been flying together for years now. Our team will do its best to accompany you from A to Z during your activity and to answer all your questions.

We will adapt to your needs, and offer you an experience that will last forever. ULM is the main activity of the Gap-Tallard airfield. Many great pilots have come to settle here! This reputation is due in particular to the mountain aerology, which gives access to a large number of flying possibilities. You can also find the Pôle National du Vol en Montagne, composed of several pilots specialised in flying over the mountains. Flying from Gap-Tallard, you will have the opportunity to meet experienced pilots. A unique moment of sharing, while putting a foot in a mythical discipline of the airfield.

They tested for you

“The friendly welcome, pleasant pilots are listening to passengers whether children or adults very good experience to recommend we spent a dream weekend in Tallard. This is the opinion of the 12 people in the family, the quality of services is to be praised”

Family J.

“I took a one hour flight in a microlight plane. Comfortable and well designed aircraft for tourism with a clear view through the plexiglass doors. Patrick is an attentive and very friendly pilot. He made me visit a good part of the region. I saw some amazing scenery.”

Yves B.

“A very welcoming and friendly team! The feeling in flight and the scenery from above was superb. We had a wonderful time thanks to you, thanks again!”

Sophie B.