The helicopter fascinates young and old alike. Its power defies the logic of earthlings. There’s no wonder it’s a bucket-list item for so many people! Crossing the sky above the mountain peaks, feeling unique emotions… A concentration of unmatched sensations, even more unique when shared with family or friends! The helicopter flight is the ideal activity for a group of people to enjoy.

Around Gap-Tallard

In the Gap-Tallard area, the role of the helicopter is even more important. There’s a large concentration of machines used in the infrastructure of our everyday lives including the fluro yellow SAMU helicopters for rescue and supply in the mountains. This aircraft has been with us for hundreds of years now!

In the Alps, you have the chance to be part of this richness and to test this activity. Helicopter flight is a unique experience. To be experienced alone as a pilot, or with others… This activity is accessible to all, and all possibilities are allowed! Discover piloting, enjoy the stunning landscapes, go where you want… This experience delights everyone!

The Southern Alps are a real playground for helicopter flying. From Saint Crépin, you’ll find a diversity of unique landscapes. Admire the natural wilderness and breathtaking scenery. With more than 300 days of sunshine per year, our region offers an infinite number of flying possibilities!

From Gap-Tallard, we offer several options:

From Saint Crépin, admire the Ecrins and Lake Serre-Ponçon!

For an even more breathtaking experience, we also offer flights from nearby Saint Crépin. Just an hour by car or a short flight from Gap-Tallard, the Briançon valley offers an exceptional variety of landscapes. Surrounded by hills and overlooked by Lake Serre-Ponçon, it’s no surprise that this is a very popular destination in France. A helicopter flight is an ideal way to see the massifs up close. The exceptional maneuverability of the helicopter provides unique visibility of these mountains!

Helicopter flight is accessible to all, from 5 years old. The sensations it provides will delight the whole family. Take up to 5 people on board and share your feelings in real time! Those who’d like a more interactive experience can take the controls of a 2-seater microlight helicopter supervised by an instructor pilot of course! You can’t possibly go wrong when you choose a helicopter flight!

Tried and tested!

“The flight was great. The pilot was extraordinary, kind, great control of the machine. I highly recommend it. Unforgettable memories. Thank you again for your kindness! To do again :)”

Laurence C.

“Nice discovery of helicopter flight! Warm and professional welcome. Friendly pilot and sharing his passion. Bravo!”


“Helicopter flight over the Durance, Mont-Dauphin, Embrun, Savines, Serre-Ponçon lake … Fabulous moments that will remain in memory with grandiose views, an extra pilot. A big thank you for making this flight magical!”

Family F.