We often overlook spending quality time to build relationships, even though we know that fun team events can be transformational! Our aerial activities offer an ideal way to get together and strengthen bonds. Together, discover the unknown world of aeronautics. Get closer to pilots and professionals who share their passion and knowledge, and share intense moments in three dimensions! Take off, fly, pilot, breathe in the spectacular landscapes, chat on the radio with other members of your group, then meet for a well deserved drink and share your experiences. At Gap-Tallard Fly Dream, we’ve got the proven recipe for amazing group events!

Building team spirit in Gap-Tallard

Are you looking for a way to reward your team? To thank them, or to spend a unique and fun moment together… Discover the multitude of possibilities accessible from the Gap-Tallard airfield! We’ve got an original way for you to spend an unforgettable moment together guaranteed to create lasting memories. Discover our unique fleet of aircraft that allows you to fly together with our passionate pilots. Whatever your request, our team of professionals will adapt to meet your expectations!

Why build team spirit with Gap-Tallard Fly Dream?

Our team is based at the Gap-Tallard airfield, on the edge of the runway. This location allows us to be present throughout your event! We’re also a registered travel agency, so we can organise a complete package. Catering, accommodation, and unique activities: we offer a multitude of possibilities for an all-inclusive stay! All you have to do is have fun with your friends or colleagues! We offer multi-activity stays from the Gap-Tallard airfield, but also from different airfields in our region!

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What they're saying

“Thank you for this unforgettable day! A warm welcome from the top pilots! A unique experience, we had a great time with the Fly Dream team. I recommend!”

Mireille C.

“Thank you for this unforgettable day! A warm welcome from the top instructors! A unique experience”

Philippe N.

“Reception and professionalism at the top! A very well trained “Fly and Dream” team!
A big thank you to Dominique “The passionate and exciting Pilot” for this unforgettable moment! …”

Florent D.