The ideal ultralight for extraordinary flying sensations. From the Gap-Tallard airfield, take off for an unforgettable pendular flight. Experience the joys of flying in the open air. Unique experience!

On the Gap-Tallard airfield

What is a microlight hang glider? It is a futuristic tricycle equipped with a wing, whose regulations impose a maximum weight. This lightness allows a great maneuverability, but also an extremely clear field of vision. Contrary to the classic aircraft, the Pendular allows to land on short distances but requires however windy conditions favorable to the flight. They are mythical aircraft also known for being the first ultralight models in history.

The Gap-Tallard airfield is a paradise for a first flight in a microlight. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, it is the perfect playground to try light aviation! The great manoeuvrability and unique visibility of this aircraft allow a panoramic view of the Alpine landscape. Between lake and mountains, everything is gathered so that the first flight in ULM becomes an unforgettable memory! It is certain that the Gap-Tallard area is ideal to try this practice.


On the other flight sites of our territory

The PACA region is full of diverse and varied landscapes, all the more appreciable when seen from the sky. This is why we have chosen to offer a first flight from the Gap-Tallard aerodrome, a world reference in aeronautics. Today, it has become a mecca for aerial leisure activities because its unique geographical location has given rise to an exceptional synergy. With more than 300 days of sunshine per year, the aerology is almost miraculous!