It’s easy to ignore the majesty and pure magic of winter flights. Yet many of our pilots consider them to be the most beautiful! This season offers peace and quiet and allows us to ascend in a stable air mass, offering maximum visibility. Are you afraid of being cold? Don’t be! Most of our aircraft are heated. In fact, you’ll be surprised at the level of comfort. When we fly in winter, the stunning high alpine sky belongs to us!

Why fly in winter?

Winter is the best time to fly. Indeed, at this time of year when the crowds have gone home, our mountains remain! In winter, the air is cooler and less dense – it allows our aircraft to fly faster and higher than in the Summer months! A flight over the snow-covered mountains is an experience you won’t find anywhere else. A discovery of nature in its purest state, for an unforgettable moment.

Most of the activities offered from Gap-Tallard are still available in winter! Discover for example a paragliding flight, a flight in a microlight plane above the mountains or a flight in a gyrocopter.

Why choose Gap-Tallard to fly in winter?

Located on the Gap-Tallard airfield, we are surrounded by hills. In winter, the snow-covered peaks are only a few steps away! Our large fleet of available aircraft offers a multitude of possibilities for flying over the snowy mountains. We know how to adapt to your expectations, and will help you discover the perfect activity!

What they're saying

“Very nice experience and great welcome. I had a very nice flight with my pilot who is a great person and I thank him again for his professionalism and his kindness… The view on the snowy mountains is just exceptional! I recommend”

Christian R.

“Good organization for a ballooning experience with Alain in group. Superb service, welcome of the pilot Alain at the top. Wonderful flights from Gap with the feet in the snow.”

Julie S.