Floating into the sky in a hot air balloon is a child’s dream! And as adults, we find ourselves escaping yet again when we imagine taking a balloon ride. Flying silently with the wind is a timeless experience. In a traditional wicker basket, friends and families can enjoy the ascent together – a hot air balloon ride is the ideal activity to share unforgettable moments with others.

Around the Gap-Tallard airfield: lakes, mountains, and hilltop villages

In Gap-Tallard, the weather enables us to fly all year round. The mountains, lakes, and vast forests take on ever more beautiful colours. A hot air balloon ride will offer you a moment of gentle escape… Choose the flight location that makes you dream!

The Southern Alps are a very popular destination for hot air ballooning, thanks to the diversity of the magnificent landscapes we fly over. This region is also extremely protected from the wind making it the ideal place to practice hot air ballooning – an activity that requires very calm air conditions!

Other flying sites in our territory: explore beautiful Provence!

As well as Gap-Tallard, we want to help you take advantage of the different areas near us – each as stunning as the next. That’s why we offer flights from several locations within our territory.

Just a few kilometers south of Gap-Tallard, Provence opens its arms to us! We swap the mountains for Provençal landscapes and typical hilltop villages. The Plateau de Valensole, Moustiers Ste Marie, Ochres de Roussillon… It’s no wonder our region is one of the most popular tourist destinations in France! From a hot-air balloon, the ground below is a real patchwork of colours and textures. Whatever your nature preference, we’ve got a hot air ballooning destination you’ll love!

Tried and tested!

“Perfect hot air balloon flight, experienced pilot and ideal conditions! I recommend for all audiences.”

Chris I.

“Very good experience. Zenitude…beautiful and different views depending on the altitude…interesting explanations on how the balloon works in relation to air and heat…and in conclusion very nice a snack at the arrival.”

Marie-Ange G.

“I was very happy to have all my questions answered when I booked the flight, and the hostess was very welcoming. The balloon flight was magical: between the freedom of free flight and the requirement of the wind experience! A very pleasant way to fly. I recommend!”

Lou S.