A series of aerial activities that operate in harmony with nature. To fly with the wind is to appreciate the calmness of flight without a motor!

The air is fluid and our passionate and experienced pilots know how to exploit it to make you move in three dimensions! Fly over our beautiful region at the mercy of the currents. It feels incredible!

Flying without a motor

Discover the real sensations of flight – what we dreamed of when we were children. Who’s not imagined spreading their wings on top of a mountain? At Gap Tallard Fly Dream, we offer you a multitude of possibilities to realise this dream. A smooth flight, during which you’ll be in total harmony with nature. Discover the local fauna and flora, without any noise pollution: as if time has stopped. Flying with the wind is a more respectful approach to nature. It also means taking time for yourself, away from the crowds and the problems of everyday life.

Why fly with the wind with Gap-Tallard Fly Dream ?

Our airfield is surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Ideally located, we enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine per year! We are surrounded by spectacular landforms, which are particularly important for unpowered flight. We work with a team of local passionate professionals dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences in the air. Our team will do its best to meet your expectations and offer you a flight in the best conditions.

What they're saying

“It was my first hot air balloon flight today and I must admit that I was very stressed, as I have been afraid of heights since I was a little girl. After having taken my courage in both hands, we went to the take-off place, we inflated the balloons, we went up in the basket, and in less than a minute, the people remaining on the ground were small as ants. And then my fear totally disappeared! It was extraordinary. The Alps seen from the sky, the snowy peaks above the last colours of Autumn… It was magical! The pilot was very reassuring, and it was an experience I will remember all my life! Thanks again to Gap-Tallard Fly Dream for this unforgettable memory!”

Elisa G.

“We flew in a hot air balloon at Fly Dream. The flight was superb and the pilots very friendly and passionate. After landing a breakfast with local products was offered to us. Great place to fly in a hot air balloon.”

Dominique C.

“A glider flight after the gyrocopter and a skydive. As always a charming welcome with smiles, sympathy, kindness, coffee, pastries. A perfect flight with very professional and nice pilots who make us dream. Next adventures: hot air balloon and ULM vintage plane. Joy, kindness & happiness. THANK YOU and SEE YOU SOON”.

Hervé R.