Step into a mythical discipline on the Gap-Tallard airfield! Microlight pilot training is available all year round, summer and winter. Thanks to the particularly mild weather, you can fly every day! Here, you’ll meet friendly and passionate pilot instructors, and we have access to a wide variety of modern and easy to handle machines, ideal for beginners.

The fixed wing microlight pilot license

The ‘ULM’ certificate is accessible from 15 years old. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, we’ll adapt to your expectations. The instructor pilots are based in Tallard and are available all year round. Opt for an intensive course, or take it at your own pace according to your availability. On site, you’ll have access to a large number of services: accommodation, catering, additional activities… A dream hub for pilots, you’ll find everything you need to make your stay great!

Find out more about our fixed wing microlight (ULM) pilot training.

Fulfil your dream and become a microlight pilot!

Experience the feeling of total freedom when you take your ULM license. There’s no better place to learn – that is if you want to fly over breath taking and diverse landscapes! Located at the edge of the runway, you’ll find a personalised classroom where you’ll learn the theory of flight. Our philosophy: an innovative teaching method and a personalised follow-up!

The ULM license is organised like the driver’s license exam. During your practical training, you must pass a theoretical exam that covers the information you need to know to fly alone safely.

During your practice flights, you’ll discover all the mechanics of piloting a microlight aircraft! Then once you’ve obtained your license, you can choose to rent your own aircraft or buy one to go on an adventure! If you want to fly with a passenger, you must complete a few more hours of piloting training to make sure you’re fully prepared.

Why choose Gap Tallard Fly Dream for your pilot training?

Here, we’re all united around the same fundamental values. The pilots delight in sharing their passion for flying with you! The Gap-Tallard airfield is particularly well known for its mountain aerology. Pilots from all over France have settled here! On site, the National Mountain Flying Centre trains the greatest champions. We pride ourselves on  delivering personalised learning, in a friendly family atmosphere. So, choosing Gap-Tallard for your ULM license is to become part of our pilot family!

Tried and tested!

“Exceptional day for this first initiation to ulm piloting: intense sensations in flight, magnificent landscapes, top instructor (Patrick). I took a lot of pleasure to fly, in total confidence. Too eager to go back 😊”

Claire B.

“Top! Great welcome, flight on time, our 16 year old son was delighted with his birthday present. He flew this little plane for almost an hour and came back delighted! Thanks to the whole Fly Dream team for the quality of service!”

Vincent M.