Do you want to start paragliding? Our paragliding training course takes place in the heart of the stunning Southern Alps! Whether you’re a beginner or you’d like to formalise your skills in France, our course will be adapted to the level and needs of the group. Just be warned – you’ll likely get hooked on this amazing sport, practised and loved by people around the world!

Paragliding course in the Southern Alps

The Alps have a particularly favourable aerology for paragliding! There are so many flying sites in our region, it’s not wonder the Hautes-Alpes is the homes to paragliding competitions every year! Paraglider pilots come from all over France and beyond to discover the wonderful landscapes of our region! Between lakes and mountains, enjoy a unique view of the stunning South of France.

From the Southern Alps, we can organise different offers according to your expectations:

Learn to fly a paraglider

Paragliding is the flagship activity of the Hautes-Alpes. The paragliding course is accessible from 14 years old. It will put a smile on the faces of young and old alike! On site, you’ll meet a team of passionate and experienced instructors. All united around the same passion, they’ll make your training an unforgettable experience. Once you’ve completed the initial course, you’ll be offered options to develop your flying skills to the next level. We think there’s no better place to learn than in the French Alps, if you agree and it’s up your street, get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

The beginner course takes place over 5 days. You’ll start slow – on a school slope, as you familiarise yourself with the handling of the wing. Once you’re ready, we’ll support you to do your first proper flight! Our teaching method: adapting to each individual to ensure a safe progression. At the end of the course, we follow-up personally to see how it went!

Why do a paragliding course with Gap Tallard Fly Dream?

At Gap-Tallard Fly Dream, we work with a team of experienced instructors who practice their discipline from Orcières. When you meet them for your paragliding course, you’ll find a team of enthusiasts and a friendly atmosphere. The team will do its best to meet your needs and answer your questions – you’ll likely have a few before your first solo flight. We accompany you from A to Z during your progression, and offer you a 100% personalised support. Once you can fly, you’ll join the great family of paragliding pilots, now present throughout France!

Tried and tested!

“I spent a week in the company of Fly Dream instructors and I enjoyed it! A friendly welcome, educational and reassuring instructors who allowed me to gain confidence before taking flight. I recommend 100%!”

Steve R.