At Gap-Tallard airfield, we help you to pass your ULM theory! Whether you are a beginner or an expert, our packages are adapted to all types of profiles. Our students often say that the most enjoyable part of the ultralight certification is the practical part. Indeed, the theoretical contributions can be more difficult to assimilate. Some people also dislike learning alone at home. So we have set up a brand new formula: we help you to pass your ULM theory certificate! In partnership with qualified instructor pilots, this new formula will allow you to be ready for the exam. For the initiated, this formula will allow you to know at best the mountain aerology and its specificities of flight.


Within the Gap-Tallard aerodrome, you can opt for :

We offer different exam preparation packages. For each formula, the instructors will be able to adapt to your expectations. Passionate and available, they will be delighted to teach you more about the theoretical part of the flight. The instructors will be there to help you pass the theory exam, but will not replace your regular instructor for the certification. On site, you will have the opportunity to discuss with professional pilots, experts in their discipline. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our ultralight theory training sessions!

ULM theory training

The ULM theory assistance formula is available all year round, even in winter. We will provide you with a classroom, with adapted materials (manuals and overhead projectors). Your instructor will be happy to arrange private theory sessions.

On site, we also work with a computer support, similar to the highway code, to help you understand. To help you as much as possible, the courses and follow-ups are personalized.

Why choose the ULM theoretical training with Gap Tallard Fly Dream?

Are you comfortable with the practical side of things but have trouble getting back into the theoretical side of things? Our team is here to help you! With the help of a pilot instructor with 10 years of experience, we offer you a personalized assistance. Choose the formula that suits you best: intensive course, private lessons… We will do our best to make sure that you can pass your ultralight theory exam with ease.

Our team of professionals is present on site to accompany you throughout your internship and answer your questions. Our 100% personalized formulas will allow you to pass your ULM theory exam! At Gap-Tallard Fly Dream, we are aware that it can be difficult to dive back into books and manuals. That’s why we use a digital platform to help you pass the ULM theory exam and offer you different MCQs and theory courses related to the required topics!

We work with a team of local professionals, present on the airfield every day. We can adapt to your schedule and constraints. You will evolve in the heart of a high place of flight, within which you will have the chance to meet many professionals and enthusiasts of the discipline who will be happy to share their knowledge.

They tested for you

“Thank you to Xavier and his great pedagogy for allowing me to pass the ultralight theory exam! It’s not easy to go back to school, however the instructor is very available and adapted to the points on which I had difficulties! Thank you again to all the Fly Dream team”.

Kévin D.