Discover the pleasure of becoming a pilot in the heart of a renowned airfield! With more than 300 days of sunshine per year, its aerology is perfect for the gyrocopter. On site, a great diversity of instructors are united like a family, all in a friendly atmosphere.

Piloting a gyrocopter in Gap Tallard

Do you know the incredible and quirky gyrocopter – one of the six microlight classes in France? Of all the existing aircraft, this is the least known. But it’s the one you’ll want to tell everyone about! This little flying machine makes flying accessible to everyone with the dream of being a pilot. Historically, it’s the ancestor of the helicopter. Its shape is very similar, but it’s neither a plane or a helicopter! Categorised as a microlight, this ultra-light aircraft will surprise you with its comfort and modernity. The gyrocopter is a very stable machine, which will suit those who like to fly smoothly.

From Gap-Tallard, you can learn to pilot this wonderful machine :

You really can fly a gyrocopter!

Gyrocopter pilot training is available all year round. Winter is the best time to learn to fly, because the conditions are extra smooth! On the Gap-Tallard airfield, the gyrocopter pilots say that ‘trying it is adopting it’. Our friendly instructors are always delighted to share their passion and pride for the gyrocopter.

The gyrocopter pilot license is available to those aged 15 years and above. To become a pilot, the training is organised like a driving license! Firstly, a theoretical part must be obtained – you’ll learn the basics of flight. Thereafter, the hours of practical training are to be defined according to your availability. Once you have obtained the license, you can rent a machine or buy your own. Thanks to our training, you’ll be ready to discover the magnificent landscapes that surround us! Gap-Tallard is the best place to learn how to fly: its mountain aerology enables you to learn all the technical aspects of flying over the mountains and what could be better than that?!

Why choose Gap-Tallard Fly Dream to become a gyrocopter pilot?

Choosing the Gap-Tallard airfield for your gyrocopter training is like stepping into a family of enthusiasts. On site, at the edge of the track, you’ll have access to a classroom for your theory lessons. Our philosophy: to provide you with an innovative teaching method and personalised follow-up! The gyrocopter license is available from 15 years old. The instructors are very flexible and can adapt to your availability. You can opt for an intensive course, or organise training at your own pace. If you want to know more about this training, please contact us! Our team will be happy to answer your questions.

Tried and tested!

“I would like to thank Fly Dream for organizing my gyrocopter flight training. The instructor is very educational and professional, and it was a real pleasure to learn to fly alongside him.”

Yves C.

“Discovery of the gyroplane. Appointment taken by phone for a first hour of training.
Very pleasant welcome (the four “girls” in the office are charming and efficient) and the rider (Marc) makes you love his machine which he masters perfectly and makes you benefit from his knowledge of the mountains around Tallard.”

Jean-Michel S.