Flying in the Southern Alps is a dream for every paraglider pilot! With a particularly favourable aerology and more than 300 days of sunshine per year, the impressive landscape around us is particularly well known for paragliding. These perfect flying conditions and the spectacular scenery on offer at every turn, make our region the obvious choice for your paragliding flight, or to become a paraglider pilot yourself.

Paragliding in the Alps

The territory of Gap-Tallard is full of ‘free flight’ sites (paragliding and hang gliding), many easily accessible. Whether you’re interested in a panoramic tandem flight, or you’d like to become a pilot yourself, all possibilities are open to you. The multitude of landscapes that surround us will make your flight an unforgettable experience. Between lakes and mountains, admire wilderness in all its forms, in peace and quiet. If you haven’t tried it, paragliding is a must! Join us and fly with the wind, accompanied by a passionate instructor.

Discover the pleasures of paragliding

Paragliding is accessible to children (from 6 years old) and adults. Our instructors know how to adapt and offer your child a smooth flight – their first magical experience in the sky! Those seeking thrills, twists and turns can enjoy a flight rich in sensations. Treat yourself to a tandem flight or organise a group flight with others and share your enjoyment in the sky. A paragliding flight makes a sensational – an original way to please your loved ones.

The paragliding take-off is done on foot, one step, two steps and you’re in the sky with the wind beneath your wing – literally! We all dream of this freedom from a very young age. Free flight in all its splendour, the closest we come to flying like birds! This activity is booming, especially because of its reduced environmental impact and the freedom it provides.

Why choose paragliding with Gap Tallard Fly Dream?

By choosing paragliding with Gap-Tallard Fly Dream, you’ll fly with qualified and passionate instructors. Paragliding is a way of life, a way of appreciating nature and wild landscapes. Discover a family friendly atmosphere, far from the worries of everyday life. The sensations of paragliding are unequalled: a flight without an engine, without noise, for unique contemplation. We offer flights from the mountain of Orcières – an incredible launch in our region. Our unique landscapes in the heart of the mountains are accessible in summer and winter.

Tried and tested!

“Great paragliding trip with professionals who knew how to make me have a great time in the air. I also thank the leisure center, which made sure I flew in the best conditions by moving my voucher back several times (health crisis obliges it). I would recommend this experience to everyone as something to do at least once in a lifetime, and the view that the mountain can offer makes this moment even more magical!”

Lea V.