The Gap-Tallard airfield is home to many professional instructors who’ve packed their bags and moved here. Like us, they were seduced by the richness of the territory and the amazing conditions for skydiving! To do a PAC skydiving course in Gap-Tallard, is to put a foot in a world of enthusiasts. True professionals of the jump, they practise in a unique and friendly atmosphere where everyone is made to feel welcome. These top athletes of the sport will support you to jump safely and have loads of fun in the process. At Gap-Tallard, our planes fly every day, from March to October! So, it’s an ideal place to learn and perfect your new passion!

PAC skydiving training in Gap-Tallard

The Gap-Tallard airfield is particularly suited to PAC skydiving training. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, it’s the ideal place to make progress! The air is calm and gentle in the morning, ideal for learning to position yourself in the air. Under the parachute, you will have the chance to admire exceptional landscapes! Between lakes and mountains, enjoy unique views at 4000m altitude. Something to delight nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike! We propose several formulas to learn skydiving:

Becoming a skydiver

Skydiving is accessible from 15 years old. There’s no age limit – only a medical certificate required! In Gap-Tallard, we organise our courses and training over a full week. The instructors will make themselves available all week for you, in order to offer you personalised training at your own pace.

The course consists of 7 jumps, the first of which is done with two instructors, the next 5 are done with one instructor, and the last is normally done alone – your first real solo jump! The objective is to become autonomous and to be able to jump alone after the course.

The first thing to learn is how to open your parachute. Secondly, it’s a question of knowing how to open your parachute at the correct height. In the third stage, you’ll learn how to fall in a safe way – on your stomach! Finally, the last objective is to learn to manage your position in the air and to be able to adopt different positions and forms.

Why choose Gap Tallard Fly Dream for your skydiving training?

For each formula, we can adapt perfectly to your expectations. The PAC skydiving course represents a real challenge. That’s why we do everything possible to make it easy, comfortable, and of course… unforgettable! Tallard is recognised in France as the capital of skydiving. The weather conditions are very favourable for the practice of this aerial sport and the landscapes divine…

Tallard offers more than 300 days of sunshine per year. From an aerological point of view, the Gapençais basin is protected from the dominant winds, in particular thanks to the Dévoluy massif. It’s therefore a popular playground for skydiving. The environment is mountainous and offers a view of the surrounding massifs such as the majestic Pic de Bure, the Ceüse cliff, and the Ecrins massif. The landscapes change in colour and atmosphere with the seasons, all to make your learning experience even more unforgettable!

Tried and tested!

“One of the most emotional experiences: freefall. 15 jumps during the week. I chose the “PAC” course with Fly & Dream. Top welcome and service, smiles, advice, accommodation, accompaniment, added to the competence and attention to detail of the instructors of the Skydiving School. What more can I say? It’s unforgettable, I’m going back as soon as possible.”

Lucas D.

“Great welcome, top notch instructor! Week rich in sensation, I recommend the fly dream house without hesitation! 🤘”

Laurent L.