Gap-Tallard is well known for its skydiving activity – practiced here since the 1920s! The perfect location to get the most out of your skydiving experience + a great dose of adrenaline! Why? Because in Gap-Tallard, we enjoy extraordinary aerology and more than 300 days of sunshine a year. The conditions are optimal, making skydiving at Gap-Tallard truly amazing! Immerse yourself in a world of skydiving, in a friendly and fun atmosphere with experienced and passionate instructors.

On the airfield of Gap-Tallard: The ideal spot to jump!

Skydiving is an integral part of the history of the Gap-Tallard airfield. In the 80s, the French military parachuting team came to the airfield. The discipline has evolved here ever since and the Gap-Tallard airfield has become a real hub for skydiving! Hundreds of instructors have found in Tallard everything they need to practice skydiving. In 2003, our airfield hosted the World Parachuting Championships. Today, it’s become the largest European skydiving and free-fall centre!

An exciting way to surpass yourself

Skydiving is accessible to beginners and experts alike. For novices, opt for a tandem jump accompanied by an experienced instructor who’ll guide you throughout your experience. For the more intrepid, choose a solo jump and taste the pleasure of free fall under your own parachute – yes you pull the cord! All skydiving enthusiasts will find everything they need to become a skydiver right here in Gap-Tallard.

Discover several ways to practice skydiving:

Why choose skydiving in Gap-Tallard?

The Gap-Tallard airfield is internationally renowned for its parachute jumping. Every year, people come from all over France to do their skydiving training. In fact many have moved here! Beginners will find an exceptionally favourable aerology to learn how to position themselves in the air. The more experienced train in Tallard regularly, practicing various disciplines including: wingsuit and precision landing… All the conditions are met to train year round. The surrounding landscapes are stunning and unique, making your free fall in Tallard an even more unforgettable experience. Lake Serre-Ponçon, Massif des Ecrins, Pic de Bure… Our airfield is ideally located between lakes and mountains.

In Gap-Tallard, you’ll meet a team of professional and experienced instructors. The atmosphere is warm and friendly – everyone’s welcome. By choosing Gap-Tallard for skydiving, you’ll be joining a family of enthusiasts – lovers of sensations and adrenaline.

Tried and tested!

“A great experience to live and relive. Tandem jump, with my brother Stéphane for our respective birthdays. A very professional, friendly and reassuring team. A magnificent landscape, breathtaking. The weather was great and that was it! A looping at the exit of the plane, an intense free fall very appreciated, sharing of the superb sensations with the video-woman and man, that already the parachute opens, proposal of taking control for some raised turns…guaranteed pleasures, it was great!”


“I recommend. To celebrate our respective 40th birthdays, my husband and I decided to make a BIG jump! The team was super accommodating from the time we made the appointment (postponed 3 times due to COVID or weather) to the D-Day. On arrival, a debriefing to explain all the steps and put us in confidence. Successful bet! We are serene, our 2 instructors are hyper professional in addition to being nice, our jumps were simply perfect: after 15 minutes of flight in the plane, the freefall is exhilarating and then the vertical flight before landing allows us to appreciate even more the beautiful landscapes around the airfield. The cameramen at our side concocted some great videos. I clearly recommend the Fly Dream team for those who want to try the thrill of a first parachute jump! In any case, we will surely come back ;)”

Amandine and Paul