Discover the infinite possibilities offered by the magnificent mountain of Orcières, known for its unmissable ski resort! A wide range of outdoor activities and sports are available year-round. A real paragliding spot, the mountain welcomes a large number of visitors every year! This winter, we are taking advantage of its incomparable visibility to offer you a hot air balloon tour. Thus, the mountain of Orcières is the perfect place to fly! With an exceptional aerology and landscapes as magnificent as they are wild, get ready to be blown away!

Fly over magnificent landscapes!

Admire a magnificent panorama: Orcières is located close to the Ecrins National Park. A large number of lakes and streams run through it, creating spectacular reflections of the mountain peaks that surround them.

Its ski resort is famous and the mountain of Orcières is accessible all year round. The colours and landscapes change throughout the year, offering a breathtaking panorama, even more beautiful from the air.

Our activities proposed from the mountain of Orcières are practiced without an engine, in harmony with nature. This will allow you to discover the unique landscapes of the region in peace and quiet. Enjoy a real bubble of fresh air, in the heart of the fauna and flora, and let yourself be carried by the wind in the heart of the most prized mountains of the Hautes Alpes.