General terms and conditions of sale

The services presented by the website, are proposed by the company FLY DREAM.
The company FLY DREAM
is a limited liability company with a capital of 15 000 Euros, registered at the RCS of Gap under the number 81909062200013
These general terms and conditions of sale are valid as of April 1, 2016.

1. Purpose:

The present general conditions of sale apply to all the services proposed on the website by FLY DREAM or on behalf of its service providers, whose contact details are provided when the appointment is made. They aim at defining the terms and conditions under which FLY DREAM provides its products and services to its customers. They apply as soon as an order has been validated on our website or directly by our secretariat.

2. Airline services, Services, Order, Gift voucher proposes its offers which are distributed according to :
Different formulas :
– Aerial services: All activities related to leisure or air transport and which calls upon service providers, independent or companies, authorized to practice them.
– Services: Any ancillary service that facilitates the practice of activities for remote customers (accommodation, catering, ancillary leisure activities). These services are inseparable from the prior purchase of an air service.
– Gift voucher : Cardboard card indicating the name of the aerial activity, as well as the name of the beneficiary, the chosen service, the date of validity and a customizable message. This voucher is available in digital format at the time of purchase and/or sent by post, at an additional cost due to postal charges.
– Gift bag: sent when the delivery option is selected. A pouch with our logo containing the gift voucher and a postcard.

3. Prices and terms of payment

The prices are indicated in Euros and per person (unless otherwise stipulated on each product sheet). They are those in force at the time of consultation by the Client. In the case of a gift voucher or gift bag, the price is an all-inclusive price that also includes shipping costs.

The realization of any activity or the sending of a gift voucher, gift bag, can be done only when the total payment of the service has been made.

The Customer has several means of payment. Payment can be made :
– By credit card (Visa, Mastercard/eurocard) in secure entry by SSL encryption via our bank: Banque populaire des Alpes. The card number, the validity date and the control code on the back of the card must be entered in the appropriate field. In the case of a payment by credit card, any payment will only be considered made after agreement of the payment center.
– By holiday vouchers, sports vouchers (ANCV), or bank cheque payable in a French bank only, made out to FLY DREAM. The cheque(s) with the order number on the back should be sent to

700 Pierre Latecoère Street
Air House

In this case, the order can be validated or shipped only after receipt of the check.

An invoice from FLY DREAM (for services offered directly by Fly DREAM: gift bags, mailings, etc.) or an invoice from the service provider (for activity services), depending on the package chosen, will be provided to you upon request.

FLY DREAM shall not be held responsible in case of non-processing of an order due to a payment invalidation.

4. Conditions of use of an order (reservation, gift voucher)

Any holder of an order form or a gift voucher has a receipt valid as a means of payment from FLY DREAM or the Service Provider, allowing him/her to carry out one of the flight activities we offer including the associated services. These vouchers indicate the surname and first name of the Beneficiary, the service and the chosen formula, as well as the expiry date.

For reasons of user-friendliness and safety, we try to limit the number of daily services and work exclusively by appointment.

Procedure to be followed :

D – 8 days (minimum) :
If the voucher does not stipulate a fixed date for the service to be carried out (case of a voucher with a fixed date), the Client or Beneficiary must imperatively call the reservation centre on 0 492. to validate a reservation date. This procedure should be done if possible at least 8 days before the desired date.
Depending on the season, we cannot commit ourselves to the immediate availability of each activity or service provider, so it is preferable to anticipate your validations.

After validation of a date of realization, we will specify you the Name and contact of the Provider who will receive you, as well as the place of the appointment which can vary according to the activity.

D – 1 day :
Before going to the activity site, the day before or the day of the flight, we advise you to contact your Provider who will tell you the forecasted weather conditions in order to consider a postponement of the activity in case they are not optimal.

You must be present on the scheduled day and at the scheduled time, at the place of the activity or appointment set by the Provider. Don’t forget the outfit adapted to the activity or the season (specified on the back of the gift voucher) and the reservation voucher that you must give to the Provider. In some cases, as explained on the back of the gift voucher, we also require a medical certificate, which must be submitted on the day of the activity.
If you do not show up on the date and time agreed upon without having notified us at least 4 hours before the appointment, your order will be considered lost and cannot be rescheduled or refunded.
Punctuality, humility and good humour are the basic rules of our activities

5. Conditions for carrying out the activity

The Customer is informed that the flight activities may be modified due to bad weather, aerological or material conditions that may affect safety, or for reasons beyond the control of the Service Provider, modification, restriction or prohibition of the airspace. The Beneficiary or Client will be informed, as far as possible, by the Provider or by FLY DREAM of these possible changes.

The schedule of our activities and flight times are given as an indication and we try to respect them. However, if we or one of our service providers were forced to modify them for safety or aerological reasons, no recourse could be taken by the Beneficiary or Client.

Aerial activity is a “risky” environment that pilots and instructors strive to minimize thanks to their experience and professionalism and the material means used. It is clear, however, that they cannot guarantee 100% safety, particularly because of the objective risks specific to this environment.

The beneficiary or Client also agrees not to exercise any civil or criminal liability and not to make any claim regarding the activity directly to the Provider, whose contact details are provided to him either after payment or on the day of the telephone registration, and only to his insurers.

6. Cancellation

Except for the particular case of a fixed date reservation (see below), all the services offered by the reservation centre are valid for “one year”, unless otherwise specified on each presentation sheet.

In the event of an impediment, only those who have taken out cancellation insurance may be offered a refund or an exchange of activity, or even an exchange of the beneficiary’s name.

Special case :
In the case of a reservation for a fixed date, which cannot be changed, we undertake to refund the deposit or the air service in full if it is cancelled by us or by our Service Provider (possible technical problem)
If safety conditions require cancellation (bad weather, aerology, etc.) and in case of normally unforeseeable events (restrictions, airspace modifications, aircraft problems, etc.), the deposit will be retained and carried over to the next scheduled appointment within 6 months. It can be reimbursed after 3 weather reports only, if desired by the customer.

If the cancellation comes from the Client or Beneficiary, any reimbursement is conditional on the Client or Beneficiary holding cancellation insurance (see chapter 12).

7. Insurance

Insurance of service providers or third party companies.
The Client is informed that the Service Providers chosen by are all holders of a Professional Civil Liability for amounts that are known to be sufficient, and possess all the authorizations or diplomas allowing them to exercise their activities.
On some activities (skydiving, training course) an individual insurance is necessary and will be proposed to you if you do not have it. In this case, this option is always stipulated on the activity’s technical sheet.

Additional insurance.
It is up to the Client or Beneficiary who considers that the level of cover offered by the Service Provider with regard to the activity practised and his personal social protection is too low, to take out additional cover (art 37 and 38-L84-610 of the insurance code – obligation to inform)

8. Cancellation insurance

Cancellation insurance is offered in most of the air products we have developed and allows the Customer to benefit from a postponement, exchange or refund of his order in case of a medical problem encountered.

This insurance has a fixed price of 10 € whatever the chosen service.

Any request for postponement or exchange can be made by phone, email or mail and will be validated by return email from us.

Any notification of cancellation must be made by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to FLY DREAM, accompanied by a medical certificate attesting to the beneficiary’s incapacity to perform the ordered activity. This notification must be received by us at least 8 days before the date of the activity (fixed date booking) and in the case of a gift voucher 8 days before the expiry date.

In the case of a cancellation request, and for medical reasons only, FLY DREAM will refund the order to the buyer according to the following scale:
– Cancellation request received more than 30 days before the date of the service or the expiry date of the gift voucher: refund of 80% of the service amount
– Cancellation request received from 30 days to 8 days before the date of the service or the expiry date of the gift voucher: 75% of the service amount
– Cancellation request received less than 8 days before the date of the service or the expiry date of the gift voucher: No refund

Refunds can only be made to the voucher purchaser and not to the beneficiary.

No refund is possible without the “cancellation insurance”.

9. Modification of a reservation

(a) Buyer-initiated changes
Modifications are possible more than 8 days before the date of the activity, on written request sent by email to the following address: click here

Any person who does not show up on the day and at the time agreed upon, automatically loses the validity of his voucher or his deposit paid if booking by phone.

b) Changes made by us
We may be forced to modify an essential element of the programme due to circumstances beyond our control; for climatic reasons, material reasons on one of our aircraft, for reasons of aviation (parachuting), or any reasons inspired by the general interest or the safety of the participants. In any case, we cannot be held responsible for this. In case of unavailability of the ordered activity, FLY DREAM or the Provider will contact the person who placed the order as soon as possible in order to propose a new activity or the cancellation of the order.
All our photo and/or video options may not work. If this is the case, we will refund the amount of the video and/or photos you have subscribed to. The non functioning of the video and/or photos, will not give right, to any other refunding.

10. Intellectual Property

All the logos, brands, drawings and models appearing on the website of the reservation center are the property of FLY DREAM, except the brands provided by the service providers and partners. Any partial or complete reproduction, whatever the medium, for commercial, associative or voluntary purposes, is forbidden without the consent of the holders of the trademarks or rights attached to these graphic representations.

11. Claims

Any complaint relating to an activity must be sent directly to the Provider, with a copy to FLY DREAM, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, within 15 days after the return date, accompanied by the supporting documents, to the Provider’s address appearing on the detailed service sheet or on the booking form. After this period, no claim can be taken into consideration.

12. Information Technology

In application of the Law N°78-17 of January 6th 1978, the information you are asked to provide is necessary for your registration to be processed. Your answers are mandatory, failure to answer will make registration impossible. For all possible rectifications concerning the information transmitted at the time of your reservation, contact FLY DREAM directly.
Unless you advise us otherwise, we reserve the right to use your contact details to send you information, including by e-mail. Any violation of the provisions of this law is provided for and punished by articles 226-16 to 226-24 of the Penal Code. For all possible rectifications concerning the information transmitted at the time of your reservation, contact the provider directly.

13. Dispute Resolution – Applicable Law

Any disputes arising from the use of the reservation centre will be dealt with by the courts of Gap. The present General Conditions are subject to French law.