Initiation Training Helicopter Flight (1 Person) - Gap-Tallard (05) Southern Alps

This package is very popular for a first technical approach of a helicopter. Beyond the panorama, you will enjoy the subtility of piloting a helicopter thanks to the dual control that we will invite you to use without much restraint ! A personnalized educational approach.

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Out of all aircrafts, the helicopter is the one that intrigues and interests the most. From the magic of the vertical take-off to the abilities of the hovering flight, you will discover every aspect of the flight that offers this incredible machine, but in an educational spirit. 

Aboard the "Cabri", a two-seater helicopter or the "Ranabot" (ULM Class 6), you will be left alongside the pilot to appreciate every possibility that this machine offers. Only passenger aboard, you will be able to share the dual control, if you wish, to take part and better understand all the subtilities of piloting. The devices before you, an incredible visibility and you are set flying. The pilot will make you discover every possibilities which the helicopter offers, not to impress you, but for your entertainement.

Tips for a greater experience

Be careful: The use of this kind of two-seater device, forces us to only embark one passenger per tour.
We advise you to wear a casual outfit, there is no use to get too covered up, without forgetting a cap and sunglasses.

Location of the flight

Gap, departing from Tallard's airfield, we will be able to fly over different landscapes, at your convenience.

Seasonal practice

From 01/01 to 31/12

A few things about the flight

Departure altitude: 600 m
Average altitude reached during the flight: 1500 m
Flight Duration: 30 minutes
Minimum age: 10 years old, with parental consent for minors
Difficulty level: Easy 

Price info

310 euros/pers
The price includes the integrity of the performance

Our philosophy

The use of a two-seater device ensures a very personnalized apporach.

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