Exploration Gyrocopter Flight - Gap-Tallard (05) Southern Alps

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Halfway between a helicopter and a ULM, this aircraft, with its rotary wing, will startle you by the incredible pleasure you will feel once aboard. Surprising at first, the aircraft impresses by its reliability and its "evident" and easy control. You'll be left dazzled fairly quickly.

 This hour-based "à la carte" flight, makes you go beyond the slow ride flight since you get to choose the duration.During said flight, our pilot will have time to explain and show the true potential of this aircraft. It is up to you to request more, as this kind of flight is only the beginning  of an incredible journey.

Tips for a greater experience

- You can choose to fly with, or without side doors.
- With the doors, we advice you to wear a seasonal attire and sunglasses, without anything else
- Without the doors, we advise you to wear a sweater or pullover, perhaps a jacket (no loose clothes).
- Gloves are recommended. We will provide you with a "flying jacket" if necessary
- If you are a photography fan, you can bring your camera along. We will only ask to secure it.

Location of the flight

Gap (Hautes-Alpes)
The duration of the flight enables you to discover a vast expanse of local landscapes, within a 40 kms radius, departing from the Gap-Tallard airfiel, alternating between high reliefs and the Serre Ponçon lake !   

Seasonal practice

From 01/01 To 30/12. We have a heated cabin during winter!

A few things about the flight

Flight duration: about 20 minutes

Departure altitude: 600 m

Average altitude reached during the flight: 1400 m

Number of passengers: 1 passenger per tour

Public: From 10 years old, parental consent for minors

Maximum authorised wieght: 90 kgs

Difficulty level: Easy

Top-range machine of type J-Ro DTA, closed cabin

Price info

170 € per person per hour of flight
Including the integrity of the performance

Notre philosophie

Beyond a simple ride, making you discover the true technical potential of this surprising aircraft, and sharing the pleasure of flying.

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