Offer a flight as a gift


Want to offer an unforgettable experience and even more to family and friends ? 

You have to two possible options:


Option 1 : offer a gift voucher for an aviation acitivity

Many of us dream of flying… what could be better than offering this experience as gift ? Our team of flying experts has designed a series of performances, from first flights to pilot training, in order to put their experience at your service.

On our website, you can choose the flying performance you wish to offer, and make someone happy by offering it as a gift voucher, valid during a year.

In just a few clicks, you can buy and download the gift voucher, enabling you to offer it straight away.

If you want us to mail the gift voucher instead, you only have to select the "gift voucher mailing" option, which will obviously take more time (mailing and dispatch).

How to offer a flight ?

Option 2 : Offer a 100€, 160€ or 255€ gift card.

A gift? A birthday? A wedding? A gift card is the perfect solution to be sure to please every time !

You want to offer a first flight ou an aviation performance, but you don't exactly know which one ? For you, we created the gift card, which enable you to offer a voucher of the maount of your choice, valid for a year on the whole website.

The beneficiary will be able to use simply, choosing one of the offers on our website  corresponding to the amount of the crd, or to complete its value to access a performance at a higher price. 

Gift voucher 100€                           Gift voucher 160€                          Gift voucher 255€


A specific requirement ?    

If you have something on your mind, and you wish that our experts offer a customized performance, suited to your wants and needs, just contact us by telephone or email expressing your request, and we will do our best to meet your expectations.

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