Gap-Tallard Airshow 2020!

If you're planning to visit the Hautes-Alpes region between 21st and 24th May 2020, there's only one place to be! After the huge success of the Gap-Tallard Airshow in 2018, the event is returning this year and promises to be even more spectacular! Watch the breathtaking Patrouille de France performing their mountaing flying demonstration, as well as aerobatic pilot Nicolas Ivanoff, and many others!

Make your experience even more memorable and fly during the event itself for just €65 per person!

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Gap-Tallard's airfield

With its alpine landscapes and its mediterranean sunshine, the outcome is unrivalled: 330 days of flight per year, both in summer and winter ! Unanimously recognised by pilots and champions, and only a few wingbeats from the mediterranean sea, Gap-Tallard is a unique place of flight. That is the reason why our passionate team of renowned experts chose to settle here and offers you to come and share their passion.                                                                                          This environment is the perfect place to offer individuals, families, but also company groups and comittees; the possibility to discover the activities available. Our airfield enable us to make more than 200 people fly over the same day, with more than 10 different activities. First glider flights, paragliding, trikes or three-axes microlights, skydiving, helicopter or hot-air-ballon flights, or even pilot training: there is a wide choice.                                                                                            

Accessing the Gap-Tallard airfield

Located at 1h15 from Aix-en-Provence, 1h45 from Grenoble and a few minutes from the Serre-Ponçon lake, this airfield has an established reputation. Having become the worldwide reference for aerial sports, Gap-Tallard is a paradise for flying passionates ! 

Gap-Tallard's airfield's history

It all started in 1918, with the use of the airfield by flying and gliding passionates.

In 1930, the first aircraft and gliders flight centre sees the light of day. In the 1970s, skydiving begins and in 1973, a parachuting club is created. The success of this activity boosted the development of other divisions such as maintenance and repairs workshops.      

Over the years, the activities became diversified and new ones have emerged: hot-air balloons, ULM, helicopters, gliding, paragliding, trikes microlight, gyroplane and lately, a free-fall simulator. Today, the arrival of a flight training center "Polyaéro", strengthens the airfield's stance.

The close relationship between all the players of the airfield makes it an exceptionnal competitive centre, with an international influcence.        

Sumptuous landscapes in Gap-Tallard

In the north, the alpine mountain ranges such as the Ecrins Massif, in the East the alpine arc and its Serre Ponçon lake with its striking colours, in the West the Drôme Provençale and its wild landscapes, and finally in the South, the scents and colours of Provence and its majestic Gorges du Verdon. 

The gathering of pilots and instructors Gap Tallard - Fly Dream

In the Bartair company's continuity, Flora CHARRIEAU and Davidé MOY have created Gap-Tallard Fly&Dream.

This company offers the possibility to discover every activities existing on the airfield thanks to the first flights packages it offers.

For more experienced people or the ones who want to go further than that, Gap-Tallard Fly&Dream also has the possibility to train pilots.

Sharing the peace of a hot-air balloon flight with your family or with friends, the subtle mix between flying and gliding of a first flight in a glider or the research of drenaline with a 4000m skydive, you only have to choose which activity you want!      

Once back on the ground, this experience will forever be an immortal souvenir.

On the Gap-Tallard airfield, you will find : 

Flights all year, even during winter

- First flights, leisure flights and free-fall simulator
- Pilot training and improvement "mountain" trainings

An complementary activity center

- Manufacture (ULM, leisure aviation pieces, wingsuits, paramotors)
- Mechanics, maintenance and paint (helicopter, ULM, aircrafts, paragliding and parachuting wings) 
- Aeronautics sector training centre: "Polyaéro" complex
- Pilot and skydiving shop 
- Aerial work (lifting and visual takes) 
- Aerial transport and rescue

And multiple different services

The airfield has two hotels, two restaurants, two bars and has many shops nearby. 

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