Escape Pack - the ultimate gift idea!

If you’re looking for a super special and exclusive gift – maybe for a milestone birthday, our Escape Pack is the ultimate gift offering! At Gap-Tallard Fly Dream we’ve prepared an incredible and unusual selection of aerial activities, all in the same package! So, if you want to offer your loved one an experience they’ll cherish forever – give them the gift of hot air ballooning, skydiving, a scenic flight in a microlight AND an initiation to piloting!

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The ultimate gift idea: The Escape Pack only in Gap-Tallard!

Offer a complete escape package to your loved one, including 4 aerial activities – for an experience they’ll LOVE! Or, treat yourself and escape the daily routine not once but four times! This gift is perfect for the adventurers in your life who love trying new things. When it comes to aerial activities, this package ticks all the boxes. A hot air balloon flight, a tandem skydive, and two panoramic flights in a microlight aircraft, with the possibility of taking the controls! This incredible offer is brand new to our region.

The Escape Pack

  • We’ve carefully designed this package we’re sure will please everyone! More than a taste of flying, this gift allows your loved one to test everything that flies from the airfield of Gap-Tallard! A pack containing 4 aerial activities that can all be done on the same day for the most intense experience. Or for those who want to relish their gift multiple times, we can arrange flights over several days according to availability.
  • Escape from the Gap-Tallard aerodrome, a mecca for flying, renowned for its exceptional weather conditions. Our location between lakes and mountains offers THE most incredible views! The perfect option to treat a loved one to a feel-good experience!
  • Meet a team of passionate pilots and instructors who will be happy to teach you more about their disciplines. Join a family of flight and sensation lovers, and immerse yourself in unique and original disciplines! Because we all need to dream, the Escape Pack is an original and unforgettable gift idea.
  • Our activities are accessible to everyone. Only skydiving is subject to a medical certificate. For the rest, just enjoy the ride! Contemplation, nature, and a great dose of adrenaline, a real experience that we all need.
  • Gift vouchers are valid for one year. Your beneficiary can contact us to book their activities according to availability.

Your activities

  • This exclusive offer isn’t available anywhere else! Gap-Tallard airfield is home to a multitude of activities, making it possible to try them all from the same airfield! You’ll also find a large number of services (accommodation, catering) to make your stay all-inclusive!
  • The first activity: an adrenaline inducing tandem skydive! From the Tallard airfield, this activity is accessible from 15 years old. A serious breath of fresh air for thrill seekers. A jump at 4000m altitude, above the magnificent mountains that surround us!
  • The second activity: in complete contrast, a 1 hour flight in a hot air balloon. Enjoy a unique moment of contemplation, in a calm and gentle atmosphere. A flight in the morning at sunrise, when nature wakes up!
  • The third activity: it’s time to take off for two panoramic microlight flights of your choice! Criss-cross the mountain ridges, and fly over the unmissable landscapes of the Hautes Alpes! Pic de Bure, Massif du Devoluy, Lake Serre-Ponçon… The landscapes that surround us are diverse and spectacular – there’s no more beautiful place to fly! Those wanting to really immerse themselves can try their hand at piloting one of our microlight machines thanks to dual controls! Accompanied by a passionate instructor, they’ll learn more about this mythical discipline and may even want flying lessons after!

Your service provider

  • By ordering your Escape Pack from Fly Dream, you’re choosing a group of local and passionate pilots and instructors. Based at the airfield, our team is at your disposal to ensure that your loved one has an unforgettable time. Choose the expertise and professionalism of a local and qualified team!
  • Our team is at your disposal to make this moment an unforgettable experience and can prepare your gift voucher and even the entire experience in a personalised way.
  • All our activities are carried out by qualified independent instructors and pilots.

Information at a glance

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Seasonal clothing, closed shoes
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Maximum weight
95 kg
picto age
15 years minimum
picto duree
Individual flights to be arranged at their convenience
picto restrictions
Medical certificate required for skydiving
picto reservation
Book a flight date or buy a gift voucher valid for 1 year
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Flight postponed by the pilot in case of bad weather