Tandem skydiving in Gap-Tallard (05)

Skydiving is the premier activity of our airfield in Gap-Tallard, home to dozens of skydiving professionals and champions! Rest assured, you’ll be well taken care of by our passionate team. Jumping out of a plane at 4000m is sure to get your adrenaline pumping – and the magnificent views over the Southern Alps will take your breath away! Experience intense sensations in complete safety. Choose to reserve a date for your jump, or buy a gift voucher to offer and make someone’s day!
A video of your jump is optional.

Let yourself be conquered by
Action and excitement!
Magnificent landscapes
Family friendly atmosphere
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Tandem skydiving in Gap-Tallard

A simply exceptional moment. In Gap-Tallard, all the ingredients are present. The weather is nearly always favourable for this activity. Really beautiful landscapes, with spectacular views of Lake Serre-Ponçon, the Southern Alps, and sometimes even the Mont-Blanc! Choose skydiving in Gap Tallard and create unforgettable memories.

The tandem jump is an opportunity to push your limits while taking a breath of air at 4000m!

Treat yourself to a once in a lifetime experience, share it with friends, or offer an exceptional gift! If you want to keep a souvenir of your experience, choose the external video option and have your jump filmed by a cameraman!

Book the date of your choice or buy a downloadable gift voucher online, valid for 1 year. We’ll take care of the rest to ensure an exceptional experience!

Choose to have your jump filmed!

Your experience

Skydiving in Gap-Tallard

  • The intensity of escape in its purest form! Before having done it, it’s impossible to imagine the sensations of a skydive! A massive dose of adrenaline, between thrills and pure escape!
  • In Gap-Tallard, you can feel the buzz and passion for skydiving, the flagship activity of our land for almost a century. Just look up to see the parachutes opening one after the other without interruption!
  • A well-organised, professional and friendly team: the recipe for a skydiving experience at its best! Our team takes huge pleasure in accompanying you – you’ll feel it from the moment you arrive!
  • Would you rather jump solo? Opt for a solo skydive instead!

Your jump

  • You’ll receive a warm welcome in our shop at the edge of the runway. Our hostesses will explain how your skydiving experience will unfold and what you can expect. Then you’ll be briefed in the hangar by your skydiving instructor, before heading to the plane.
  • The plane takes you up to 4000m – an opportunity to enjoy the stunning landscapes below, before the moment of the big jump arrives.
  • Once at 4000m, the door opens and emotions rise when you realise how high you are! Yet you’ll feel surprisingly safe – an intense but reassuring feeling. Attached securely to your skydive instructor, it’s time to start your big adventure – 50 seconds of freefall!

Your service provider

  • Choosing Fly Dream for your skydive is to choose a local and well established agency, based at the airfield. Here we work with local and professional instructors. Our expertise in the aviation world will allow us to meet your expectations. We do everything possible to make your experience together unforgettable!

Information at a glance

picto prevoir
Sportswear not too loose and closed shoes
picto poids
Maximum weight
Please contact us if you weigh more than 95 kg.
picto age
15 years minimum
picto duree
Allow 3 hours in total
picto restrictions
- Medical certificate required
- Not accessible to pregnant women
- Pass sanitaire (or covid vaccine certificate) obligatory
picto reservation
Book a jump date or buy a gift voucher
picto meteo
Activity postponed to a later date in case of bad conditions.

Attached files

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