Microlight pleasure flight - 15 minutes - Gap-Tallard

If you’ve always wondered what it’s like to fly, this taster flight is perfect for you! Join a friendly and experienced pilot and take to the sky in a 2-seater fixed wing microlight plane. Admire the beautiful landscapes that surround us and enjoy the thrill of the ride in a comfortable and modern aircraft. Immersion in the heart of a renowned discipline of the Gap-Tallard airfield!

Let yourself be conquered by
Gentle sensations without vertigo
The magnificent landscapes of the Hautes-Alpes
Family friendly atmosphere
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Pleasure flight in a microlight plane in Gap-Tallard

Try out the flagship activity of the Gap-Tallard airfield with a pleasure flight in a microlight plane. This 15-minute discovery flight is perfect to taste the incredible sensations of flying – or to give as a fun and innovative gift! There’s no better place to fly for the first time than at Gap-Tallard airfield. Fly over the spectacular scenery of the Southern Alps for an experience you’ll never forget!

Pleasure flight in a microlight plane

Your experience

  • Discover an microlight aircraft, the ultimate in maneuverability and comfort.
  • A unique experience to discover the landscapes around the airfield (Céüze cliff, Durance Valley, Pic de Bure…)
  • Get off the beaten track and discover new sensations that can only be found aboard a microlight aircraft – a feeling of unequalled freedom, to enjoy a moment of intense escape.
  • Meet a friendly and passionate pilot instructor, eager to share his passion with you. You can even try your hand at flying thanks to the dual controls! If you want to become a pilot, microlight pilot training.
  • Offer this microlight pleasure flight as a gift and make a lasting impression!
  • You want to fly from a place closer to home? Discover our different meeting places!

Your flight

  • Discover the sensations of a microlight aircraft during this 15 minute pleasure flight from Gap-Tallard. No need to go far to discover a diversity of stunning landscapes!
  • When you arrive at Gap-Tallard, be amazed by the multitude of different aircraft taking off and landing. Meet our friendly hostesses, who’ll introduce you to your pilot.
  • The aircrafts used for microlight flights are modern and ultra comfortable fixed wing multiaxis aircraft. Sitting next to your pilot, enjoy unique visibility. Experience the thrill of a true technological gem.
  • Number of passengers: 1 passenger + 1 pilot per flight.
    Aircraft used: High-end multiaxis fixed wing microlight aircraft.

Your service provider

  • Choosing Fly Dream is to choose a group of local and passionate pilots. Based at the airfield, our team is at your disposal to make sure you have an unforgettable time. Choose the expertise and professionalism of a local and qualified team!
  • Your flight is supervised by a qualified independent pilot instructor.

Flight zone

  • In accordance with regulations, first flights in microlights are limited to a radius of 40 km around the take-off point, and do not include a stopover (flight from point A to point A). Within this radius, shown on the map below, our playground is so beautiful and varied that it offers an exceptional experience!
  • If you’re looking for a transport service to point B, contact us for a quote for a suitably qualified aircraft, as part of an AOC (air carrier certificate).

Information at a glance

picto poids
Maximum weight
95 kg
picto age
6 years old minimum with parental authorisation
picto duree
15 minutes
Allow 30 minutes in total
picto reservation
Book a flight date or buy a gift voucher
picto meteo
Flight postponed by the pilot in case of bad weather