Introduction to piloting a microlight helicopter - Gap-Tallard

If you’re looking for an original gift – something they’ll never expect, we’ve got the solution… Imagine piloting a microlight helicopter! Definitely something to tell your friends about, and for many – it’s a real dream come true. Supervised by a qualified instructor, discover unique sensations of freedom in a magical setting!

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Introduction to piloting a microlight helicopter in Gap-Tallard

We almost don’t need words to sell this incredible experience. The chance to fly this stunning machine over the Alps – what could possibly be better?! Offer a unique gift or treat yourself – go on, you deserve it! In a modern aircraft, a jewel of technology, fly over the magnificent landscapes of the Southern Alps in the company of a friendly and passionate pilot!

Piloting a microlight helicopter in Gap-Tallard

Your experience

  • If you want to see how it really feels to fly something as fantastic and manoeuvrable as an ultra-light helicopter – climb aboard! In this beautiful 2-seater machine, fly in double command to participate and better understand the subtleties of piloting.
  • The piloting of a microlight helicopter provides unique sensations. Modern and handy, you’ll be surprised by this high-tech aircraft! An exceptional moment of escape in the heart of the Southern Alps.
  • Fly from the Gap-Tallard airfield, a place known worldwide for the quality of the flights it offers! Between lake and mountains, fly over and admire the natural landscapes of the Hautes-Alpes.
  • Fly with an enthusiastic and qualified pilot instructor, who’ll be happy to share his passion for flying!
  • You want to fly from a place closer to home? Discover our different meeting places!

Your flight

  • Our reception team will give you a warm welcome and guide you to your pilot on the edge of the runway. He’ll introduce you to the machine in a friendly atmosphere before taking off for a 30 minute initiation flight. When you come back, we’ll be delighted to hear what you think!
  • The aircraft used for this type of flight is a ULM (microlight) helicopter of the Ranabot type. Real technological jewels, they allow a great manoeuvrability. The dual control principle allows for a truly personalised and hands-on experience.

Your service provider

  • Choosing Fly Dream is to choose a group of local and passionate pilots. Based at the airfield, our team is at your disposal to make sure you have an unforgettable time. Choose the expertise and professionalism of a local and qualified team!
  • Your flight is supervised by a qualified independent pilot instructor.

Information at a glance

picto poids
Maximum weight
95 kg max
picto age
10 years old minimum with parental consent
picto duree
30 minutes - allow 1 hour total on site
picto restrictions
Device not based in Tallard: one session per month
picto reservation
Book a flight date or buy a gift voucher
picto meteo
Flight postponed by the pilot in case of bad weather