Hot air balloon flight - Lake Serre Ponçon

Experience a moment out of time on board a hot air balloon. Fly over the magnificent landscapes of the Hautes-Alpes, between lake and mountains. The sparkly turquoise blue waters of Lake Serre-Ponçon will truly take your breath away! A moment of pure calm and spectacular scenery with your partner, family or friends! Contact us to book a date, or offer this flight as a gift, we’ll take care of everything!

Let yourself be conquered by
Breathtaking sunrise
Gentle sensations without vertigo
The magnificent landscapes of the Hautes-Alpes
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The Alps in a hot air balloon

Live an unforgettable experience, between lake and mountains! Enjoy a panoramic view of the turquoise blue lake of Serre-Ponçon. A hot air balloon flight in the Alps is the perfect gift to create memories – best shared with your partner, family or friends!

A hot air balloon flight in the Alps is the perfect gift for those who love contemplation and nature. Travel over the spectacular scenery of Serre-Ponçon and its surrounding mountains. An exotic moment, in the heart of the fauna and flora of the Hautes-Alpes!

Book a date, or a gift voucher valid for one year, online or by phone. Contact us to book or offer this flight as a gift, we’ll take care of everything!

You’re not a thrill seeker? Don’t worry! Ballooning is a calm and peaceful activity.

Hot Air Balloon Flight

Your experience

  • Flying in a hot air balloon in the Alps is to choose a moment out of time. Float with the wind over the unique landscapes of our region. Suspended above the magnificent blue waters of Lake Serre-Ponçon, create unforgettable memories with others. This really is an experience like no other!
  • Opt for a calm and contemplative activity. There are no thrills aboard a hot air balloon! Evolving with the wind, the gondola moves slowly over the breathtaking landscapes of the region. A unique moment of freedom, without the feeling of vertigo.
  • Enjoy a breathtaking view of the blue lake of Serre-Ponçon. In the distance, you can admire the magnificent massifs of the Ecrins and Queyras. The landscapes change according to the seasons: there’s something for everyone!
  • Hot air ballooning is the perfect activity for sharing emotions with others. In a 6 person basket, create unforgettable memories! As a family, a couple or with friends, or offer a magical experience to your loved ones as a gift!
  • Are you looking for a hot air balloon flight closer to home? Discover our different meeting places!

Your service provider

  • Choosing Fly Dream, is to choose a local agency based on the airfield. Here you’ll meet a team of local and passionate balloon pilots. Proximity is one of our values! Our team of professionals is at your disposal every day to answer your questions.

Information at a glance

picto prevoir
Phones and cameras must be attached with a strap
picto poids
Maximum weight
Please contact us for weights over 85 kg
picto age
From 7 years old
Suitable for the elderly
picto taille
Minimum height
picto duree
Flight 1 hour
Total activity 3 to 4 hours
picto restrictions
Activity not accessible to pregnant women
picto reservation
Book a flight date or buy a gift voucher
picto meteo
Flight postponed by the pilot in case of bad weather