Motor glider pilot training in Gap-Tallard

Choose our motor glider pilot training at Gap-Tallard and progress towards your pilot’s license! A course that combines the sheer pleasure of flying and the contemplation of learning to fly! Accompanied by a friendly qualified pilot instructor, discover all the technical aspects of this unique discipline in a region renowned for gliding.

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Motor glider pilot training in Gap-Tallard

If you know the basics of microlight piloting and want to learn to pilot a motor glider, this training is perfect you! Your instructor pilot will adapt his teaching to suit your level. Learn to play with the winds and glide through the sky in calm and serenity. Book your first hour of training directly by email or by phone! (Minimum initial purchase: 4 hours).

Learn to fly a motor glider

Your experience

  • You’ve seen them gliding through the Hautes-Alpes sky, it feels like your kind of adventure and you’re ready to try it for real! Perfect for existing fans of microlight flying, learn to master the aerology and enter a world of enthusiasts. This training will allow you to evolve your piloting skills on board a modern and silent aircraft. Accompanied by a pilot instructor passionate about the discipline, discover the inner workings of this unique practice.
  • Discover brand new sensations: flying a motor glider is the closest thing to flying like a bird! Fly with the wind, without a sound, and take control of this graceful aircraft.
  • Admire spectacular views of the Southern Alps as you train – with a change of scenery on every flight. Learn to fly in different geographical areas to discover the various aerological constraints.
  • Step into a family of passionate pilots who’ve been practicing the discipline since they were young. They love sharing their passion for flying in a friendly and fun atmosphere.
  • Offer an unforgettable gift: the first 4 hours of training to allow one of your loved ones to discover a new passion! Our team is at your disposal to prepare a personalised gift voucher.

Your training

  • Training possible from Gap-Tallard or Chateau-Arnoux depending on availability and your location.
  • This 4-hour flight package makes up the initial 4 hours of pilot training: you must purchase this initial package upfront, then subsequent flight hours can be purchased and arranged according to your availability.
  • Contact us to make an appointment for your first hour of flight. During this initial meeting, the pilot will assess your level and brief you on his machine and the basics of piloting.
  • Additional flight hours will be arranged at your convenience (based on pilot availability). Note that training lasts on average between 20 and 30 hours, and varies by individual.
  • To become a pilot, a theoretical certificate must also be obtained (QCM). We offer theoretical training courses to help you work on this exam if you wish.
  • The aircrafts used for motor glider pilot training are of the Lambada type. Ultra-modern aircraft, renowned for their comfort and unique handling, ideal for learning to fly as the seating position is side by side with dual controls.

Your service provider

  • Choosing Fly Dream means choosing a group of local and passionate pilots. Based at the airfield, our team is at your disposal to make sure you have an unforgettable time. Choose the expertise and professionalism of a local and qualified team!
  • Your flight is supervised by a qualified independent pilot instructor.

Information at a glance

picto poids
Maximum weight
90 kg
picto age
15 years old with parental consent
picto duree
1 hour
Allow 2 hours on site
picto restrictions
Training possible from June to September in Gap-Tallard (05) or Chateau-Arnoux (04)
picto reservation
Book a first flight or buy a gift voucher
picto meteo
Sessions postponed by the pilot in case of bad weather