Introduction to piloting a motor glider in Gap-Tallard

Offer a unique gift that promises rich emotions: the introduction to piloting a motor glider at Gap-Tallard! This is an opportunity to not only glide over the spectacular landscapes of the Hautes Alpes, but also to experience piloting this graceful machine. Perfect for those who love flying or dream of becoming a pilot! A unique moment of escape and freedom unlike anything else!

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Introduction to motor gliding in Gap-Tallard

A truly unique experience – offer a moment out of time, in the heart of nature in the Southern Alps. This introduction to motor gliding is the ideal gift for nature lovers and those who enjoy contemplation, as well as adventure! Be the master of your flight and get away from it all, accompanied by a passionate and professional pilot instructor.

Flying a motor glider in Gap-Tallard

Your experience

  • If you like to learn and try new things, offer yourself a unique experience in the heart of the Hautes-Alpes. Aboard a motor glider with dual controls, discover the basics of flying this beautiful aircraft.
  • Flying a glider creates incomparable emotions of freedom. A unique feeling of serenity and communion with nature. In a calm and gentle environment, discover the mechanics of piloting a glider.
  • The Gap-Tallard airfield is a world-renowned flying destination with exceptional weather conditions. Gliding has been practiced here since the 1920s! Take advantage of the unmatched visibility provided by a glider to discover unique landscapes, between lake and mountains!
  • This piloting introduction is conducted by an experienced pilot instructor, who loves sharing his passion for flying. Immerse yourself in the world of mircolight aviation, the airfield’s flagship activity. If this intro leaves you hungry for more, you can beome a pilot right here at Gap-Tallard with our motor glider pilot training.
  • This flight is suitable for those already used to flying. Glider flights are challenging because of the lack of power, especially in the early stages of learning. We don’t recommend this activity if you suffer from motion sickness.
  • Book a flight date or buy a downloadable gift voucher online or by phone.
  • If you want to fly from a place closer to home… Discover our different meeting places!

Your flight

  • Before your introduction flight, your pilot will deliver a theoretical briefing and share the basics of flying motor gliders! The 3-hour formula is divided into two flight sessions of 1h30 each.
  • The motor glider aircraft used for this introduction to piloting are modern and comfortable microlights. Sitting next to your instructor pilot, you’ll learn the basics of piloting thanks to the dual control principle.
  • We use a modern motor glider with a small motor – very useful for learning to find the necessary height and reach the thermals. The engine is then switched off and you’ll glide like a bird!
  • Number of passengers: 1 passenger + 1 pilot per flight.
  • Aircraft used: High-end microlight motor glider.

Your service provider

  • Choosing Fly Dream is to choose a group of local and passionate pilots. Based at the airfield. Our team is at your disposal to make sure you have an unforgettable time. Choose the expertise and professionalism of a local and qualified team!
  • Your flight is provided by a qualified independent pilot instructor.

Information at a glance

picto poids
Maximum weight
95 kg
picto age
15 years old minimum with parental consent
picto duree
1 morning for the 1h30 introduction
2 mornings for the 3 hour introduction
picto reservation
Book a flight date or buy a gift voucher
picto meteo
Flight postponed by the pilot in case of bad weather