Fixed wing microlight (ULM) pilot training in Gap-Tallard

Flying a machine solo is one amazing feeling! This fixed wing microlight (ULM) pilot training  will prepare you to obtain your ULM pilot license in France. There’s no better place to learn to fly microlights than right here in Gap-Tallard, the Mecca of microlight flying. Training is provided by an experienced instructor pilot, also an expert in mountain flying.

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Fly a microlight plane in Gap-Tallard

If you live in France or visit regularly, why not obtain your French ULM license right here! Discover the pleasure of flying in an idyllic environment, accompanied by a passionate instructor. The training is accessible to beginners as well as those who wish to improve their fixed wing microlight piloting skills. Modern and easy to handle, this aircraft allows you to discover the spectacular landscapes of the Hautes-Alpes in comfort and safety. Book your first training hours directly by email or by phone! (Minimum initial puchase: 4 hours).

Becoming a microlight (ULM) pilot

Your training

  • Have you always dreamed of flying a plane yourself? Now you can! ULM pilot training is accessible to all. Live a brand new experience and discover new found freedom! Accompanied by a dedicated instructor, in a family and friendly atmosphere, you’ll really feel at home here at Gap-Tallard.
  • Enjoy new sensations thanks to the exceptional manoeuvrability of a multiaxis microlight. Designed in particular for mountain flying, you’ll be amazed at the sensations felt when flying such an aircraft.
  • Fly with a professional and qualified instructor, who’ll be happy to share his passion with you. Enter a family of enthusiasts, in the heart of a particularly renowned flying site!
  • Fly from the Gap-Tallard airfield, particularly renowned for its exceptional aerology. Discover a diversity of unique landscapes, between lakes and mountains. Admire the magnificent view of the surrounding mountains such as the Dévoluy Massif, the Pic du Morgon, and the Ecrins.
  • Offer an unforgettable gift: the first 4 hours of training to allow one of your loved ones to discover a new passion! Our team is at your disposal to prepare your personalised gift voucher.

Your training

  • This 4-hour flight package makes up the initial 4 hours of pilot training: you must purchase this initial package upfront, then subsequent flight hours can be purchased and arranged according to your availability.
  • Contact us to make an appointment for your first hour of flight. During this initial meeting, the pilot will assess your level and brief you on his machine and the basics of piloting.
  • Additional flight hours will be arranged at your convenience (based on pilot availability). Note that training lasts on average between 20 and 30 hours, and varies by individual.
  • To become a pilot, a theoretical certificate must also be obtained (QCM). We offer theoretical training courses to help you work on this exam if you wish.
  • The aircraft used for microlight pilot training are fixed wing multiaxis. High quality aircraft, known for their comfort and unique handling, ideal for learning to fly as the seating position is side by side with dual controls.
  • Number of passengers: 1 passenger + 1 pilot per flight
  • Possibility to book a first flight hour (note that you must buy an initial 4-hour package) or to buy a gift voucher valid for 1 year, online or by phone.

Your service provider

  • Choosing Fly Dream is to choose a group of local and passionate pilots. Based at the airfield, our team is at your disposal to make sure you have an unforgettable time. Choose the expertise and professionalism of a local and qualified team! Your training is conducted by a qualified independent pilot instructor.

Information at a glance

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Training available from March to October
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Maximum weight
90 kg
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15 years old minimum with parental consent
picto duree
1 hour
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