A great team!

At Gap-Tallard you’ll find a group of more than 50 independent and very passionate professionals! Choosing the Gap-Tallard Fly Dream Team means opting for a local company, a guarantee of authenticity and quality.

Our lovely receptionists go out of their way to assist and make sure you have all the information and reassurance you need to enjoy your experience to the max! Having worked at Fly Dream for several years they know every aspect of our activities inside out. Our team will do everything possible to make your experience unforgettable!

As for the pilots and instructors, they’re rigorously selected for their skills and their ability to transmit their passion to you. Aware that your air activity may be a first for you, they’ll adapt to make your experience everything you desire. Both the intrepid and the less adventurous will appreciate our friendly, personalised service.

A professional and attentive welcome

In Tallard, the Gap-Tallard Fly Dream agency rhymes with quality of welcome and conviviality. Every day, pilots, platform professionals and visitors naturally meet there. More than a meeting place, Gap-Tallard Fly Dream is the link between your dreams and our solutions to make them come true.

A competent and friendly receptionist awaits to present you with the wide range of services offered by professionals who are specialists in their field. A warm welcome and activities, one cannot go without the other! It’s from this synergy that the spirit of Gap-Tallard Fly Dream was born!

In Gap-Tallard, you’ll live your aerial experience in symbiosis with the environment that surrounds us. What could be more authentic than getting ready to fly while watching skydivers at the briefing, or passing a champion aerobatic pilot who comes to refuel his plane before leaving? Not to mention the EMS helicopter whose comings and goings we all enjoy watching with admiration and respect.

You’re about to experience a moment of escape, a moment of pleasure in one of the world’s most renowned airfields. Back on earth, this incredible experience will remain an unforgettable memory.

Our hostesses with the mostess!

The first people you’ll come into contact with – Sonya and Elisa are available and attentive to the needs of each individual. Discreet and efficient, the Gap-Tallard reception team works behind the scenes to ensure that all services run smoothly.

They know the activities inside out, and will be able to advise you, guide you, and match your wishes with the schedules of the many professional service providers who offer their services.

Our team will do everything possible to make your experience unforgettable. A reassuring word, a smile, a coffee, a word of humour…

With us, you’ll arrive as a customer but leave as a friend!

A group of passionate and united pilots

Built and expanded over the years, the Gap-Tallard Fly Dream team of pilots is the foundation of the quality of our services.

They’ll offer you a warm and friendly welcome, and reassure you when you need it! We can’t promise there’ll be no ‘Dad Jokes’ though!

Safety and security is the utmost priority. It’s critical to be organised and disciplined to fly at Gap-Tallard. Witness the faultless coordination of this airfield when you see the sheer variety and number of aircraft in the sky!

Family atmosphere!

For each of us, flying is a pleasure and for many a dream come true! It’s why we do what we do at Fly Dream!

Every day when the weather permits, our team puts all their energy into offering a quality service. And when the boutique is quiet, we fly for pleasure, whilst building our knowledge and passion for flying!

Our center is ideally located on the edge of the runway, under the bar restaurant open all day. When you visit, you’ll be able to admire the diversity of activities which take place on the airfield of Gap-Tallard.

With a cup of coffee or tea in hand, you can watch the various aircraft taxi on the runway, ready to take flight!

Working together across several meeting places

By car, it may take a few hours to travel between the different airfields and meeting points proposed for our activities.

By air it’s much faster!

That’s why it’s so easy for you to join us. Whether you want to do a scenic flight at one of our airfields, bring a group, or just visit and watch the aviation world go by, we look forward to giving you a warm and personal welcome.

Having great relationships with professionals and service providers throughout the region, whichever meeting point you choose, we guarantee a flawless and fun experience.

You have an idea? Contact us to discuss it, and let us help make your dream a reality!